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Collecting Van Der Graaf Generator 1968-72

Van Der Graaf Generator, wrote the editors of the “New Musical Express Book Of Rock” in 1975, “failed to make much of an impression on [the] British public. However they managed to accrue a small, but dedicated cult following for their heavy, doomy music.” It was not much of an epitaph for what that same small cult following would have declared was one of the most ambitious, adventurous and, above all, challenging rock bands of the early 1970s.

Footnote Archives: Conspiracy theories abound with Wanderers

Conspiracy theories and rock ’n’ roll have never been strangers. Most of the modern world’s most enduring political mysteries have surfaced in song somewhere or other, from the young Bob Dylan to The Dead Kennedys, from The Mothers Of Invention to TV Smith, and on to the handful of acts that have questioned the official response to sundry more recent events. Few bands, however, ever nailed their colors so firmly to the conspiratorial flagpole than the Wanderers.

All hell breaks loose: 1968 in review, Part II

In Part I of our look back at 1968, we reviewed the troubling historic events that marked that year. With Part II, we begin to dive into the music that provided the soundtrack for life after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., and we explore The Godfather of Soul’s new role as a voice of calm and reason.