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Beatle autographs headline Heritage Auction

It was Aug. 27, 1965. The Beatles were on the eve of playing Balboa Stadium in San Diego. Elvis was in the midst of shooting “Paradise Hawaiian Style in Hollywood.”

That night, between 10 and 11 p.m., John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr arrived in limousines at Elvis’ home in Bel Air, and Elvis personally greeted them at the door for what forever after became known as the “summit meeting” of Pop music and Rock and Roll.

Peggy Lee’s ‘Fever’ burns 50 years on

2008 marked the 50th anniversary release of Peggy Lee’s version of “Fever.” You might have heard it in the trailer for the “Sex in the City” film, or during the TV show “Lipstick Jungle” in a fascinating mash-up with Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger.”

Roger Joseph Manning Jr.’s ‘Catnip Dynamite’ a solo journey

To hear him tell it, former Jellyfish and Imperial Drag mastermind Roger Joseph Manning Jr. — a college student at the time — was in a “heavy XTC phase” when he wrote the music for “Haunted Henry.” And that makes sense because that same year, in 1986, Andy Partridge and company unveiled their highly orchestral psychedelic-pop masterpiece Skylarking.

The Oranges Band turn ‘Invisible’

Every city has a place like Baltimore’s Gordon’s Nightclub. Late at night, when human engines are flooded with alcohol, it’s where partiers flock to in order to shake their asses to whatever dance grooves are making the rounds in such establishments these days.