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In Session: Elvis’ 1969 revival, Part II

Presley finally returned to American on Jan. 20, and the size of his entourage had diminished. Both the musicians and Moman had been put off by the number of Presley’s friends and associates at the first sessions, whose presence seemed to be more of a distraction to Presley.

Welcome to the Sounds From Across The Pond blog

by John Curley—Welcome to the Sounds From Across The Pond blog. In this blog I will be discussing the best of the music from the UK. I will be covering many genres—rock, pop, electronica, punk, indie—and discussing bands and artists from the classic-rock era all the way up to today.

Trace the history of U2

An epic, shoot-for-the-moon band like U2 — with a lead singer who actually believes that rock ’n’ roll can, if not save the world, then at least change it for the better — deserves a book as dense with detail and insight as Matt McGee’s.