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by John M. Borack Apple Jam Off the Beatle Track Roseta Productions (884501189064) Grade: ****1/2 Off the Beatle Track showcases authentic and affectionate Merseybeat re-creations of 14 tracks that John Lennon and Paul McCartney penned during the Beatles’ early years …

Locksley embraces power pop sound

The 20-something chaps in the band Locksley embrace both power pop and the sounds of the ‘60s while infusing a slightly reckless, “let’s have some fun” feel.

Rave On…

Lots to catch up on, starting with the latest from Australian pop guru Michael Carpenter, “Redemption #39.” And then there’s Nederglam!

Rave On: Believe in this International Pop Overthrow

Lovers of melodic pop, power pop, soft pop, mod pop and/or psych pop (whew!) have been digging David Bash’s International Pop Overthrow music festival — and the various-artists CD compilation that bears the same name — for the past 11 years. The latest installment, International Pop Overthrow, Volume 11 (Not Lame Recordings) is a triple-CD, 66-track extravaganza that contains some sublimely sweet slices of melodic yumminess just waiting to be discovered.

Big Star: Going back to 'Radio City' and beyond

Up ahead in the distance, as he was driving home in the early morning hours of Dec. 27, 1978, Jody Stephens could see what appeared to be an accident scene. Wanting to avoid a traffic snarl, Stephens recalls, “I detoured using another street.” Sadly, hours later, Stephens found out he knew who was in that crash. It was his former Big Star bandmate Chris Bell.