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King Crimson: Through the dark years

King Crimson guitarist and mainstay Robert Fripp has always maintained that a “good fairy” was responsible for guiding the band’s early success, its sudden rise to stardom and bestowing the band with a kind of musical magic rare in the annals of progressive rock.

Pollen – s/t

ProgQuebec (MPM06) The 1970s prog-rock scene was heavily anchored by the music coming out of Canterbury, England; Great Britain in general; and to some extent Italy, Germany and France. But music isn’t bounded by geography, and to my delight and recent discovery the ’70s progressive scene in the province of Quebec, Canada, was vibrant (and is still). ProgQuebec is part of nonprofit organization Musique ProgresSon, whose mission is to preserve and promote music from Quebec. The label has resurrected many obscure albums such as Pollen’s self-titled 1976 album, here reissued for the first time.

Q&A: Porcupine Tree stands as prog rock’s hope for crossover, mainstream appeal

You’ve got to love when the public latches onto a “new band” that has been around for ages. Such is the case with superior progressive rock outfit Porcupine Tree.While their excellent new album Fear Of A Blank Planet is the band’s third global release through Atlantic Records, it is actually its ninth studio album since 1992, not including various remix and rare track compilations that have emerged over the years.