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Joe Strummer DVD worthy of purchase for some reunion footage

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros were joined on stage by Strummer’s old Clash bandmate Mick Jones is alone worth the price of the DVD. They tear through Clash standards “White Riot” and “London’s Burning.” Jones’s comments about that concert are also very interesting.

Welcome to the Sounds From Across The Pond blog

by John Curley—Welcome to the Sounds From Across The Pond blog. In this blog I will be discussing the best of the music from the UK. I will be covering many genres—rock, pop, electronica, punk, indie—and discussing bands and artists from the classic-rock era all the way up to today.

Patti Smith: From poet to punk heroine part 1

Dissonant beauty, brutally intelligent, incisively blunt — Patti Smith is the poetess who arrived when America needed her most; the artist who almost single-handedly transformed the cultural wasteland of the mid-1970s into all that was good about the 1980s and beyond; and who is still pushing forward the boundaries and conventions that society erects around itself.