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Welcome to the Sounds From Across The Pond blog

by John Curley—Welcome to the Sounds From Across The Pond blog. In this blog I will be discussing the best of the music from the UK. I will be covering many genres—rock, pop, electronica, punk, indie—and discussing bands and artists from the classic-rock era all the way up to today.

Patti Smith: From poet to punk heroine part 1

Dissonant beauty, brutally intelligent, incisively blunt — Patti Smith is the poetess who arrived when America needed her most; the artist who almost single-handedly transformed the cultural wasteland of the mid-1970s into all that was good about the 1980s and beyond; and who is still pushing forward the boundaries and conventions that society erects around itself.

Patti Smith: From poet to punk heroine part 2

Smith ignored the taunt; the group was too busy to care.

Soon they were gigging almost nightly, and even when their schedule did allow them a night off, they were visible, hanging out at CBGBs, watching whatever was unfolding on the stage that evening; or heading elsewhere after their own show to see and be seen. And so, four nights co-headlining CBGBs with Television, Feb. 13-16, were followed by a reception for the Blue Öyster Cult, whose latest album included one of Smith’s lyrics, “Fire Of Unknown Origin,” while Smith won another accolade, as Bruce Springsteen stumbled up to announce that he’d fallen in love with her from her picture in Creem.

Beyond Vinyl: Setting the score straight on sheet music

by Stephen M.H. Braitman — It’s been estimated that between 1900 and 1910, there were 25,000 songs — with sheet music — being published annually. For collectors, there’s an almost infinite well to draw upon. Although the heyday of sheet-music production was before World War II and before records became the preferred method of listening to music, there has been constant publication of sheet music up to the present day. Everyone from Bruce Springsteen to The Sex Pistols has had sheet music published.

AC/DC: The plot to conquer the U.K.

Aussie metal upstarts in the 1970s, the long-running hard-rock combo set about its own British invasion and left people wondering if they were punk, glam or something altogether different.