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Goldmine Pick: Tom Jones’ ‘Praise & Blame’

“Praise & Blame” is definitely one to put on your must-buy list, whether you remember the 1970s Tom Jones or are a music fan who wasn’t even born in that era but someone who really wants a good listen to hear what a simple, clear, melodic musical revival sounds like.

Market Watch: Garage-punk 45 rules the market playground

First up is an ultra-rare garage-punk single on the Sabra label, dating from 1966, by Los Angeles-based singer John English (who also sang with The Preachers). “One of the rarest garage 45s in existence,” says the seller — a claim backed up by the fact that a VG++ copy of this single sold for $7,600 on eBay in 2005. The single’s profile was no doubt boosted by the appearance of “I Need You Near” on Boulders Vol. 7.