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Joan Jett’s Greatest Hits is solid

This solid 21-song, two-disc set — compiled to coincide with the release of The Runaways motion picture — touches on most of Joan Jett’s important chart hits from her nearly 30 year solo career.

Welcome to the Sounds From Across The Pond blog

by John Curley—Welcome to the Sounds From Across The Pond blog. In this blog I will be discussing the best of the music from the UK. I will be covering many genres—rock, pop, electronica, punk, indie—and discussing bands and artists from the classic-rock era all the way up to today.

Crossing Paths: When Elvis met The Beatles Part 1

In 1960, Elvis Presley was an international star; The Beatles were unknown outside of their native Liverpool. But by the end the year, The Beatles were firmly on the way to becoming stars themselves. And though the only face-to-face meeting between Elvis and The Beatles, at Presley’s Los Angeles home on Aug. 27, 1965, was to be their most notable interaction, the two legendary acts also crossed paths in various other ways over the years.

ZZ Top drives 'Eliminator' home Part 1

ZZ Top had a fantastic dozen-year run, helping to define the music of the ’70s, and with any other band, the story would have ended there. How Eliminator gave the little ol’ band from Texas a modern makeover.