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Backstage Pass: Scott Kempner Part 2: The rise of the Del-Lords

Disillusioned and discouraged, The Dictators dispersed — but never did break up. By the mid-1980s, guitarist Scott Kempner was looking for a vehicle for his songwriting, which was nothing like what was going on around him at the time. He found allies in his fight to revive real rock ’n’ roll, which was fast becoming a lost art.

Backstage Pass: Scott Kempner: From The Dictators to Dion

As co-founder of The Dictators, guitarist Scott Kempner helped make rock ’n’ roll dangerous again at a time when flaccid disco was king and arty pretension was killing music’s soul. One of the finest proto-punk outfits ever assembled, The Dictators blazed a trail of uncompromising loud rock ’n’ roll that inspired the rise of New York City’s punk scene.