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Bob Dylan gets religion in the “gospel years” part 3

The release of Slow Train Coming came as a shock to Bob Dylan’s secular audience. As Dylan prepared to hit the road again in November 1979, presumably to introduce his audience to his new way of life, the question on a lot of people’s minds was whether the faith reflected in the album would remain as easy to summon up.

Bob Dylan gets religion in the “gospel years” part 2

As critics were slamming Bob Dylan’s movie "Renaldo and Clara", the Street Legal album, and his live performances, Dylan sought refuge in the company of friends and bandmates. And among them, he found one who seemed to have answers, leading to Dylan’s conversion to Christianity.

Bob Dylan gets religion in the “gospel years” Part 1

A look back at how ‘Slow Train Coming’ and ‘Saved’ not only confused Dylan acolytes but enraged them, as well. Looking back on the fuss it caused, it feels like a different world, a distant memory that reminds us just how seriously we used to take our rock ’n’ roll … and our Dylan.

Go Inside Dylan?s ?Jesus Years?

In 2008, a documentary titled “Inside Bob Dylan’s Jesus Years: Busy Being Born … Again!” examined the folk-rock legend’s conversion to Christianity and the music that resulted from it.
A fascinating account of perhaps the most controversial era of Dylan’s hallowed career, “… Jesus Years” was produced and directed by Joel Gilbert.