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Web Exclusive: Shooting Star: An Interview with Don Airey

Don Airey took over for the legendary Jon Lord in Deep Purple when the elder Lord decided to retire from the band. Airey is Heavy Metal’s best known keyboard player. In a genre based on the electric guitar, Deep Purple’s love affair with the keyboard is well-documented, but it was Airey that brought the instrument to new heights when he wrote and performed the opening to "Mr. Crowley" on Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard of Oz. Now, after two decades, Airey has released his second solo album, an ode to the universe titled A Light in the Sky.

Web Exclusive! Sit down with Graham Nash

Songs For Beginners wasn’t the beginning of Graham Nash’s remarkable journey, but it was his first solo album, and coming as it did immediately on the heels of “Teach Your Children,” “Our House” and the Déjà vu album, it’s part of the fabric of a phenomenally rich tapestry: Crosby, Stills and Nash in multi-colored 1970 and ’71.