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Fats Domino: Is he rock ‘n’ roll’s real king?

The Legendary ’50s artist talks about his legacy and surviving Hurricane Katrina. Fats Domino isn’t going to argue with those who say he doesn’t get enough credit for helping to create the musical style now called rock ’n’ roll.
“Well, that’s the way people feel. It don’t make no difference to me,” says the 80-year-old singer-songwriter and pianist from the house in Harvey, La., on New Orleans’ West Bank, where he and his family settled after Hurricane Katrina washed away their home in the Lower 9th Ward.

Album Review ? AA Bondy: American Hearts

AA Bondy is a songwriter with a worried mind but a full heart. Bondy’s solo debut, American Hearts, covers a lot of ground, from damnation to redemption, war to love, with a great storyteller’s sense for the characters caught in the eternal struggles.