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AC/DC: The plot to conquer the U.K. Part 4

On July 13 1976, AC/DC made their first ever U.K. television appearance, filming at the Wimbledon Theatre for inclusion in Marc Bolan’s “Rollin’ Bolan” television spectacular. Their name and reputation were spreading, but first timers remained perplexed by the prospect of the band.

Collecting Van Der Graaf Generator 1968-72

Van Der Graaf Generator, wrote the editors of the “New Musical Express Book Of Rock” in 1975, “failed to make much of an impression on [the] British public. However they managed to accrue a small, but dedicated cult following for their heavy, doomy music.” It was not much of an epitaph for what that same small cult following would have declared was one of the most ambitious, adventurous and, above all, challenging rock bands of the early 1970s.

Rare Frank Wilson 45 could fetch $100,000

Holy grails don’t get any holier than this, especially for Northern Soul acolytes. Going up for auction, starting March 14, is one of only two known copies — and the only one in acceptable playing condition — of Frank Wilson’s “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do),” considered by many to be the most valuable ultra-rare 45 record in the world.