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MOLASSES 300x300

MOLASSESS - Through the Hollow

The vital energy of the devils blood flows 'Through the Hollow' of Molassess' first dark, psychedelic rock evocation. Through the Hollow is available in stores and online now!

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For those about to pop, here are The Yum Yums

"For Those About to Pop!" is the fifth album from Norway’s The Yum Yums, and it's a sweet, satisfying and speedy power pop delight.

Zenith Moon

Zenith Moon are certainly a band to keep an eye on

With slick production, musical savvy and a formidable vocalist, Zenith Moon have all the right elements to be a successful and popular rock band.

London reign

A book for the British Rock obsessive

Stephen Tow delivers an essential read on the British Rock that took hold of (and evolved in) London, England.