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10 Albums That Changed My Life: Steve Diggle

Buzzcock Steve Diggle, gives Goldmine the 10 albums that changed his life.
Buzzcocks guitarist Steve Diggle.

Buzzcocks guitarist Steve Diggle.

Originally the bassist in Buzzcocks, Diggle switched to guitar when Howard Devoto left the band in 1977. Among Diggle’s compositions for Buzzcocks are “Autonomy,” “Mad Mad Judy” and his signature song, “Harmony In My Head.” In addition to his work with Buzzcocks, Diggle has recorded four solo albums.

Diggle and his Buzzcocks bandmates, bassist Chris Remington and drummer Danny Farrant, decided to continue with the band after the December 2018 death of singer, guitarist and songwriter Pete Shelley. Regarding the decision, Diggle said, “I am going to raise the mast and set the sails for the next voyage of the good ship Buzzcocks.”

Buzzcocks released a double-A-side single on February 14, the first recording since Shelley’s death. It includes “Gotta Get Better,” a cover of a Diggle solo song, as well as “Destination Zero.” Both songs are short, sharp power pop in the classic Buzzcocks mode.

Buzzcocks tour dates on the West Coast of the USA that had been scheduled for May were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

—John Curley


The Beatles, Revolver

Early psychedelic ground-breaking album.


The Rolling Stones, Goats Head Soup

Stones in their ’70s period; great sound and feel. An album that sometimes gets overlooked in their catalog.

bringing it back home

Bob Dylan, Bringing It All Back Home

When Bob went electric and took popular music to new possibilities.

David Bowie Diamond Dogs

David Bowie, Diamond Dogs

An album that saw Bowie moving on with the underlying theme of George Orwell’s’ 1984 book.

sister Rosetta Tharpe-Spirituals

Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Down By The Riverside: A Collection of Swingin’ Spirituals

The godmother of rock and roll, and a big influence of the godfather, Chuck Berry. Also, she plays amazing guitar.

bruce- live byc

Bruce Springsteen, Live in New York City

This album gives a great feel of The Boss’ live shows and covers a lot of ground.


The Who, Who’s Next

Great songs and an album where Roger Daltrey really finds his voice.

The Stooges, Raw Power

The Stooges, Raw Power

A big influence on punk and amazing guitar from James Williamson.


Buzzcocks, Singles Going Steady

All the Buzzcocks’ albums are great, and still more to come.

Steve Diggle, Wheels of Time box set

Steve Diggle, Wheels of Time

Four of my solo albums (in a box set) that go on a different journey with each album.