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10 Albums that changed Wayne Hussey's life

Mission U.K. frontman Wayne Hussey’s rendition of the ten albums that influenced his life

By Carol Anne Szel

Mission UK (or The Mission as they’re known in Britain) was a band that came onto the musical scene back in 1986 spawned by the splitting of singer Wayne Hussey and bassist Craig Adams from the band “Sisters of Mercy.” Known for their rather verbose dark rock Goth sound, Mission UK released their 12th studio album named “Dum Dum Ballet.”

Although the lineup has changed over the years, in addition to Hussey and Adams the band’s foundation was laid by drummer Mick Brown and guitarist Simon Hinkler. And with their biggest hit record topping the UK Charts in 1988, “Children” produced by Led Zep’s own John Paul Jones, Mission UK were also notorious for their vigorous and seemingly endless touring in those early days, having their road start as the opening act for The Cult in 1986.

What follows is the list of front man Wayne Hussey’s rendition of the ten albums that influenced his life.

1- "Heligoland” Massive Attack


2- "Magical Mystery Tour" The Beatles

When I was a kid and the Beatles were around my Mom and Dad bought Beatles records, you know. So I loved the Beatles when I was really young. But it's the later stuff that I actually preferred, the later stuff.


3- "Only the Lonely" Frank Sinatra

That's a Goth album. If you ever split up with a relationship, that's an album to put on. It's beautiful.


4- "This is the Sea" The Waterboys
Big passionate rock, there are some great songs on that thing.


5- "Screamadelica" Primal Scream
I like that one.


6- "Pet Sounds" Beach Boys

The songs are great. I love the production. "God Only Knows" is just a classic, classic song. I sometimes play that in the show. I actually did a version of it on my solo album I did a year or so ago.


7- "Hail to the Thief" Radiohead
I just think they've been the best band in the world for the last ten years or so. That's probably my favorite of their albums. Although I love them all apart from the first one. Didn't like the first one very much. Every time I see them live they're just fantastic. I love them as a band. They play so well together.


8- "To Bring You My Love" PJ Harvey
I wasn't particularly a big PJ fan when she first came out, but then I read a few reviews and all the reviews were making noises and I said 'I would like this.' I went out and I bought it, and I loved it. Now I'm a huge fan of PJ, I have all her stuff.

9- "Electric Warrior" T. Rex
Marc Bolan was the first musician I really loved. He was the one who got me into playing guitar. I wanted to be Marc Bolan.


10- “Heaven up Here” Echo and the Bunnymen
There’s some good stuff in there. I think you’ll like it

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