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A quick one with The Dickies

Frontman Leonard Graves Phillips of The Dickies shares a quick Q&A.
 The Dickies (Publicity photo,

The Dickies (Publicity photo,

By Alan Brostoff

For the past 40 years The Dickies have been playing loud, fast music better than many. Leonard Graves Phillips, the voice behind all the great songs, took the time to spend some time with Goldmine and answer questions about what he has been doing.

Goldmine: What has keep The Dickies going for 40 years?
Leonard Graves Phillips: Lots of downtime and dysfunction and personnel changes but an abiding knowledge that this has been the path of least resistance in term of healthy ego gratification.

GM: What does the band have planned for us in the future? New music or touring.
LGP: Yes. A new single which will be our first release in decades followed by the release of our final album later in the year.

GM: Can you tell us about the book that you are working on?
LGP: It’s a collection short stories (hopefully humorous in nature), autobiographical in nature and chronicling my life before during and (in a metaphysical sense) after The Dickies.

GM: The Dickies always seemed to be having fun with not only their music but just the vibe of the band. If I'm correct in this, why was that something the band focused on?
LGP: Trust me. I’m a miserable son of a bitch in real life. The others are much more care free

GM: Last record you bought?
LGP: That would be Martin Newell’s The Greatest Living English Man. Like a lot of people I don’t really buy records anymore but wanted to share some of his music with a friend. Lately, I’ve been indulging in his Cleaners From Venus tracks on Youtube. Great Anglophile pop.

GM: Bands you are listening to now?
LGP: I’m trying to memorize “White Riot” by the Clash for a charity event.

GM: Any favorite record stores you visit?
LGP: Only Amoeba Records in Hollywood. They’re the only place left that would meet my needs besides Amazon or Ebay.

GM: Someone you would love to write a song with?
LGP: Kanye West. For reasons that should be pretty self-evident.

GM: The best way for fans to keep up on what is going on in the world of The Dickies?
LGP: Our Facebook and Instagram pages are managed by Michael Pilmer who has also taken over control of Please look to these sources for info.