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Check your answers to our Janis Ian trivia quiz

Here are the answers (with the questions repeated for your convenience) to Goldmine's Janis Ian trivia quiz.

Here are the answers (with questions repeated for your convenience) to Goldmine's Janis Ian trivia quiz.

Question: When Janis Ian chose at age 13 to change her surname from Fink to Ian, who was her namesake?
Answer: Her brother. Ian was his middle name.

Janis Ian photo by Peter Cunningham

Janis Ian measures 4 feet, 10 inches tall. And she is well aware of her height, so feel free to skip that topic if you get to chat with her. Photo by Peter Cunningham.

Question: How tall is Janis Ian?
Answer: She is 4 feet, 10 inches tall. And yes, she is aware that is on the petite side, so there's no need to point it out to her.

Question: Janis Ian was the first person to sing for commercials for two well-known products. What are those companies and their products?
Answer: Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light and McDonalds’ Egg McMuffin.

Question: Which 1967 movie featuring William Daniels, Norman Fell and uncredited appearances by Mike Farrell and Richard Dreyfuss was Ian asked to score, but then turned down upon the advice of her then-agent David Geffen?
Answer: “The Graduate.”

Question: On which longtime TV series’ first broadcast was Janis Ian featured?
Answer: “Saturday Night Live.” If you missed it the first time around, you can enjoy it via Netflix or Hulu Plus; George Carlin is the host, and Billy Preston also performs. Ian's performances in the show are powerful — no lip synching for this artist! (But you might want to skip the Jim Henson puppet skit. It's pretty out there, even for us.)

Question: What was the title of the first song Janis Ian wrote?
Answer: “Hair Spun of Gold.”

Question: Which 2004 movie features a character named Janis Ian?
Answer: "Mean Girls." The character, who was played by Lizzy Caplan, is a bit of an outcast who favors goth attire and is among the first people to befriend new student Cady Heron.

Question: At what age did Janis Ian ask for piano lessons?
Answer: She was 2 years old.

Question: True or false: Janis Ian turned down the opportunity to play at Woodstock.
Answer: True. “I did turn down Woodstock – though it’s possible I was there and just can’t remember. I also turned down ’The Graduate’ if you want reassurance that you can survive your own bad judgment, read my article ‘Monumental Mistakes,’” Ian explains in the “Janis Clears the Record” section of her website,

Question: Finish this Janis Ian statement: “When I run with scissors, it’s usually with the intention of ________ ______ ___ ___________ _____.”
Answer: “Sticking them in someone’s neck,” according to the “Janis Clears The Record” section of her website.