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Ask The Expert: Reissued Beatles and getting vinyl out of storage

Goldmine answers vinyl record questions from readers regarding a Beatles reissue and getting vinyl out of storage.
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Question: I found a Beatles Butcher LP — “Yesterday And Today,” fine condition, Capitol ST 2553, gold record award on front, sitting in/on trunk, green label on LP. But a certified Gold sticker on the cover … will this ruin the value?

— falconfan, via email

Answer: There were no gold stickers issued with an original butcher cover. This is a reissue from the east coast, pressed between 1969 and 1971. NM (near mint) it’s about $50.

— Frank Daniels,
Goldmine columnist/contributor


Question: After a decade or two I’m finally getting my vinyl out of storage. Although I have no plans on selling my LPs, I forgot about my 150 or so 45s. The Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys, etc.. These I no longer want. I know collectors want ‘like new’ before they hand out serious money but … in general, can I take these 45s to a buy/sell record store and walk away with at least enough to buy a six pack of beer? Most 45s came in a plain paper sleeve and some came with a picture sleeve. Example: the Beatles, “Lady Madonna” and “Paperback Writer”; the Stones, “Paint it Black” and “Jumpin Jack Flash”; the Tremeloes, “Even the Bad Times are Good”; the Young Rascals, “Lonely Too Long”; Donovan, “Mellow Yellow” and the Eagles, (side A) “Please Come Home for Christmas,” (side B) “Funky New Year.” I would say that these picture covers are in very good condition.

P.S. I even (oh no) have a copy of “The Mouse” by Soupy Sales.

— Gary G., via email

Answer: Good question, and I’m afraid you answered it yourself — unless you are talking about some seriously hard-to-find items, collection is all. Most stores with a halfway decent singles section will probably have 100s of well-loved, well-played 45s of a similar vintage and ilk, and most will be priced to sell, in the forlorn knowledge that they probably won’t. Meaning your 150 singles should buy you a six pack, but most likely not an expensive one.

If you really are determined to offload your collection, you might do better to try eBay — maybe parcel them into lots, and let them find homes that will actually appreciate them, rather than let them gather dust in a box. You might even find yourself with several six packs. Good luck!.

— Dave Thompson,
Goldmine columnist/contributor
Author of Goldmine Price Guides

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