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Beatle Beat: Check out the latest Fab Four-related releases

'Meet the Fab Four' for the first time, discover 'John Lennon's New York,' listen to John and Paul's pay 'Tribute' to Fats Domino, delve into the Beatles' song publishing empire and learn a few new facts about the Lads from Liverpool.

If you’ve been a longtime reader and/or collector of Goldmine, you’ve probably found that after a few years, the issues do start taking up a lot of space, especially if you’re interested in articles on the Beatles, the act Goldmine’s covered more than any other.

Goldmine’s previously published two books gathering the magazine’s Beatles articles (“The Beatles Digest,” published in 2000 and 2002), and now there’s another, on CD-ROM: “Goldmine Presents The Fab Four.” This release has lots of info.

First, there are 16 complete issues of Goldmine, each featuring plenty of Beatles coverage, including interviews with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Martin and Pete Best, to name a very few (and to toot my own horn, I’m pleased to say my work appears in each issue). A master index helps you navigate the CD to find articles of interest by topic, such as “Yellow Submarine.”

Of special interest is that while each edition of “The Beatles Digest” only reproduced major articles, on this release you also get the reviews that ran at the same time. Plus, you get excerpts from two price guides for singles and albums.

You’ll also find some useful links and contact info, and two coupons — a special rate for a Goldmine subscription and discounts for Krause Publications books.

You can acquire this gem from


Earlier this year I covered “The Beatles Liverpool,” a DVD that offered a five-and-a-half-hour tour of the Beatles’ hometown (in the two-disc version).

Now the same company (Arts Magic) has issued “John Lennon’s New York,” a less daunting (in both three-hour and 90-minute versions) trek around the city that Lennon called home for most of the ’70s.

You visit obvious locations, like the Dakota apartment building and “Imagine” mosaic in Central Park, but the guides (Trina Yannicos and Susan Ryan) take you to plenty of other locales as well, such as recording studios, John and Yoko’s Greenwich Village apartment, favorite restaurants and more.

Photographers Allen Tannenbaum and Bob Gruen, as well as wacky street musician David Peel are among the interviewees, which provide further interest even if you’re not planning a visit to the Big Apple. You’ll find the DVD most readily available on Amazon.


Much as I’ve enjoyed seeing Ringo’s All Starr Band shows over the years, I’ve also wished I could see a show that was just Ringo, with no other guests, as he certainly has enough songs from his Beatle and solo years to draw on.

When he worked with Mark Hudson, he did, indeed, take this step, doing a number of solo shows with a backing band called “The Roundheads.”

Now one of those shows, which previously aired on PBS’ “Soundstage” series, has been released on CD: Ringo Starr Live At Soundstage.

As usual with Ringo, it’s a warm, good-spirited performance. By the way: The liner notes incorrectly say the show was August 25, 2005, even though the inlay tray has a picture of a marquee with the correct August 24 date.


Paul McCartney and John Lennon both appear on Goin’ Home: A Tribute To Fats Domino (Vanguard).

Proceeds from the CD’s sale go toward a comm