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Are Beatles portrait sets worth the paper they're printed on?

Garry Schrum of Heritage Auctions shares the history and value of a 1960s-era Beatles portrait set based on the famous Dezo Hoffman photos of the Fab Four.

By Garry Schrum

Question: Does anybody know anything about these posters? They are 12-1/2 x 12-1/2 inches, pre-1967. Thank you.

— Al Rogers, via e-mail

Answer: These portraits of The Beatles are highly collectible, but they were mass produced, along with a torrent of material produced to capitalize on the group’s summer 1964 U.S. tour.

Beatles portraits based on Dezo Hoffman photos

The images are based on portraits shot by Dezo Hoffman. This “set of four detailed line drawings suitable for framing” were originally licensed through Seltaeb Inc. in cooperation with NEMS Enterprises Ltd., the Beatles’ management company.

The portraits were designed large enough to display in a record store’s LP racks, which explains the 12-1/2 x 12-1/2-inch size. Later that year they were offered for sale by Resco Products via mail order and in retail shops. Incidentally, two versions of Paul’s portrait were printed due to his astronomical popularity. These sets of four Beatles portraits in plastic bags have been selling on eBay in the $20-$30 range.

Garry Schrum

Garry Schrum

A former record store owner, Garry Schrum is the consignment director for entertainment and music memorabilia at Heritage Auctions (
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