Black Pistol Fire shoot on all cylinders at festivals

Every festival there's one band that leaves the crowd in awe, wishing they had more time on the bill to perform. Black Pistol Fire is one of those bands.
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By Alan Brostoff

It seems that every festival I attend there is one early-in-the-day band that just leaves me in awe and wishing they had more time on the bill to perform. At this year's Riot Fest, I was made aware of a two-piece band originally from Canada, now calling Austin, TX home. Black Pistol Fire whipped the crowd into a frenzy with their powerful performance. Goldmine had the opportunity to sit down with Kevin McKeown (guitar and vocals) and Eric Owen (drums) about their performance and new album release, "Deadbeat Graffiti."

Goldmine: So you just played an amazing set at this year’s Riot Fest, where two guys played with more energy than I have seen from five-piece bands. What makes playing a festival special and appealing to the band?

Kevin: Honestly, it’s one of our favorite treats or luxury to play festivals like this because you are immediately plopped down in front of 2-5,000 people and usually everyone who is at a festival is there to have a good time and there is no discrimination of genres. Everyone just wants to have a good time. For a long time festivals were our bread and butter. It’s always great to get out there and play a strong set.

Eric: People are here to have a good time. They aren’t looking to leave early. They want to see some good shows.

Goldmine: Little different playing a festival in the Midwest (Riot Fest is in Chicago) rather than playing SXSW?

Eric: We expected it to be a little cooler up here than down there but it is surprisingly hot. Hope it will cool down a little tonight.

Goldmine: During your set you played an excellent cover of Fleetwood Mac’s "Oh Well." I looked at your crowd, I could not help but wonder how many knew it was a cover and not one of your originals.

Kevin: I know what you mean. Peter Green is one of my favorites. We have been playing that cover for a few years now and even to this day we have people come up to us and think it's ours. It’s a great song, a great song.

Goldmine: You have a new album that comes out on September 29, "Deadbeat Graffiti," very enjoyable. What will be the best way for fans to pick it up?

Eric: Spotify or or Itunes.

Goldmine: This is coming out on vinyl also?

Eric: We got the vinyl. The records came in last week and it looks pretty amazing and sounds pretty good. We are very happy with it.

Goldmine: Dead or alive, who would you like to write with or record with?

Kevin: Well we could go with the obvious, Led Zeppelin.

Eric: We could have Plant sing with us for a set. We would love to do a set with Nas, we can be the backing band for Nas. It would be weird and throw some people off but it would be awesome.

Kevin: Wait, I want to go back, I want to work with David Hasselhoff, do an '80s power ballad.

Goldmine: Who are your favorite record stores you like to visit?

Kevin: Amoeba whenever we are in Los Angeles. In Austin, Waterloo Records is awesome.

Eric: I also go to one in Austin called Exploded Records. It’s inside a “JuiceLand.” It’s where I have made my last four record purchases.

You can learn more about Black Pistol Fire at their website