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Blues sold big on eBay in October 2015

The blues sold big on eBay in October 2015 but there were a few surprises, like a remarkable collection of Depeche Mode records and a "Xanadu picture" disc.

By Patrick Prince

The blues sold big on eBay in October 2015 but there were a few nice surprises, like a remarkable collection of Depeche Mode records and a rare promotional "Xanadu" picture disc (for the Olivia Newton-John fan in all of us).


6. Olivia Newton John, Electric Light Orchestra - “Xanadu” 
Sold For: $5,400 (53 Bids; Starting Price: $99.99)
Listed As: “XANADU 10" PROMO PICTURE DISC Olivia Newton John - Electric Light Orchestra ELO”
Record Label: MCA (MC10384)
Country/Region of Manufacture: U.S.
Release Year: "1980s"
Format: 10-Inch 33rpm
Special Attributes: Promo, Picture Disc, EP
Record Grading: "Used"
Seller: Private seller
Seller’s Comments: “This is an extremely limited RARE PROMOTIONAL Xanadu 10" picture disc MCA -MC10384. Often referred to as the rarest picture disc in the entire world. Only a handful of these are known to exist and all of those are in the hands of private rare record collectors. There are many stories about the low production numbers of this picture disc but whatever the story is, this is certainly one of the rarest picture discs in the world.

"One of the stories states that there was a company recall on the disc and only a handful were made before the recall. Over the decades I have read that 21 copies were pressed and another story said 31 copies were pressed (however I can't guarantee that number to be true) this is only what I have read over the years.

"I have been the proud owner of this record since the 1980's. Its been the pride of my collection. I purchased it from a rare record dealer in LA, and even back in the 1980's it was quite expensive. It has been in its original plastic sleeve since the very day I purchased it, it has never been opened, and never been played (until now). I can't say if it had ever been played before it came to me, so I listed the condition as used. I am really going to miss this record but its been sitting for nearly 30 years and it seems the right time to move it to another collector.

"I don't know what its worth these days but if you do a Google search you will find a wide range of prices and values, and some of the stories on just how rare this record really is. It has been pictured on the cover of Rare picture discs of the world and other rare record publications.

"I'm selling off my entire Xanadu collection that I have owned for the better part of my life, so please check out my other Xanadu auctions. You may find something that interests you but rest assure that this record has always been my pride and joy.

"The record is unplayed by me and has been in its bag since they day I purchased it. It is being sold as is and as pictured, if you have any questions please ask before bidding.

"Here are a few links to the auction results of one that went up for sale in 2012, this one sold for over $9000!"


5. Michèle Auclair - “Bach Violin Sonatas” 
Sold For: $6,650 (Best offer accepted)
Listed As: “J.S. Bach Violin Sonatas Michele AUCLAIR DF 209/10 EX+/NM”
Genre: Classical
Record Label: DISCOPHILES FRANCAIS (DF 209 / 210)
Country/Region of Manufacture: France
Release Year: "1950s"
Format: 12-Inch 33rpm
Special Attributes: French pressing
Record Grading: EX+/NM
Sleeve Grading: EX+/NM
Seller: Private seller
Seller’s Comments: None


4. Charlie Patton – “Rattlesnake Blues/Running Wild Blues” 
Sold For: $7,879 (2 Bids; starting price $5,000.00)
Listed As: “CHARLIE PATTON Rattlesnake Blues/RUNNIN' WILD 78 rpm VG+”
Genre: Blues
Record Label: Paramount (12924)
Country/Region of Manufacture: U.S.
Release Year: 1930
Format: Shellac 10-Inch 78rpm single
Special Attributes: 1st Edition
Record Grading: VG+
Seller: Private seller
Seller’s Comments: “Here we have a VG+ copy of 1929 recorded Paramount 12924 by CHARLIE PATTON - Rattlesnake Blues/RUNNIN' WILD BLUES..Don junked this one in 1976 for 35 cents in Virginia..he got the store owner down from $1! Note that the catalogue numbers on both sides are rubbed off. This was the same with the Keechie Wiley Don found in the same batch!...disc has typical Paramount low fidelity but plays through fine with some surface noise and and some pops here and there...not a bad copy at all! from the collection of legendary blues scholar, researcher, collector and friend of 30+ years DON KENT whose important records will appear on ebay, on behalf of his family, through this store and that of Sherwin Dunner's "Bombastium" and John Heneghan's "Suprovalco" ebay stores over the next several years. Google "DON KENT NEW YORK TIMES" to read a fabulous article on Don that appeared jut after his passing.NOTE: WE GRADE VISUALLY UNLESS THERE IS A DEFECT WHICH REQUIRES US TO PLAY THE RECORD TO PROPERLY GRADE IT ( like a needle dig of bad crack) - we follow the standard 78 rpm VJM/JJJ grading system: VG+ = an average copy, signs of use, some groove wear but still a decent copy ( 5-6 out of 10)."


3. Robert Johnson - “Sweet Home Chicago / Walking Blues” 
Sold For: $10,100.00 (3 bids; Starting Price: $3,999.99)
Listed As: “Robert Johnson, Vocalion 03601, EE- Blues”
Genre: Blues
Record Label: Vocalion (03601)
Country/Region of Manufacture: U.S.
Release Year: 1937
Format: Shellac, 10", 78 RPM
Record Grading: E/E-
Seller: Private seller
Seller’s Comments: “Beautiful, glossy copy of this Robert Johnson Vocalion with minimal signs of play in a few grooves that have no noticeable impact on play. Music clear and crisp with very quiet surface. From the Don Kent collection."

Grading note: E = very slight signs of wear, maybe some minor scuffing and/or light scratches but a very clean copy with little groove wear ( 8 out of 10),E- = slightly above average copy, some groove wear and minor blemishes but a very decent copy ( a 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 out of 10).


2. Depeche Mode records lot
Sold For: $15,100 (94 bids; Starting Price: $1.00)
Listed As: “Depeche Mode Vinyl Records & Limited Editions Wholesale Lot”
Genre: Rock
Record and Sleeve Gradings: Varied (see below)
Seller: Private seller
Seller’s Comments: “Hi I am letting go my entire collection of Depeche Mode, EVERYTHING!!! Every record I have purchased in the past 30 years as a collector. Most of my collection came out from radio stations, vinyl record shops and collectors. All in VG+ to SEALED condition. The collection content: 10% in VG++, 60% in NM, 30% in MINT condition. 300 titles on 12”, 10”, 7”, Promo, DJ Singles, Interview, Box Sets, Bootlegs, Autographed, Tour Program, Slipmats, Laser Disc, Cassette Tapes, VHS Tapes, Test Pressing from the U.S, Europe and Asia! All LP's are protected with a cellophane cover and a paper insert. Estimated value: To obtain these 30 years later in these condition in one shot today in 2015 is almost unbelievable."


1. Charlie Patton – “Charlie Patton - “Hang It On The Wall / Revenue Man Blues” 
Sold For: $16,300 (4 bids; Starting Price: US $3,999.99)
Listed As: “78 RPM -- Charlie Patton, Vocalion 02931, E-V+ Blues”
Genre: Blues
Record Label: Vocalion (02931)
Country/Region of Manufacture: U.S.
Release Year: 1934
Format: Shellac 10-Inch 78rpm
Record Grading: E-/V+
Seller: Private seller
Seller’s Comments: “The King of the Delta Blues still wore the crown in 1934. Vibrant, clear, pulse quickening sound on this Vocalion, especially if you play it after an average condition Paramount. This copy has many tiny scratches that occasionally tic lightly. From the Don Kent collection.

Grading note: E- = slightly above average copy, some groove wear and minor blemishes but a very decent copy ( a 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 out of 10).