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Discover the 10 albums that changed Joe Lynn Turner's life

Joe Lynn Turner — or JLT as his fans affectionately call him — took a few moments to fill us in on the 10 Albums That Changed His Life.

By Jeb Wright

Joe Lynn Turner — or JLT as his fans affectionately call him — took a few moments to fill us in on the 10 Albums That Changed His Life.

Joe Lynn Turner publicity photo

For the most part, they are hard rock mixed with soul, which is pretty much what you would expect from the soulful rocker. However, he does throw in a serious curveball.

Turner recently released the third in his Sunstorm project titled “Emotional Fire.”

The album is a mix of new tunes — plus some remakes of 1980s songs by Cher and Michael Bolton, on which Turner sang background vocals.

1. Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin I
When I first heard this album, I thought it was awesome. It was a completely new and fresh sound.

Led Zeppelin I

2. Jimi Hendrix Experience, Are You Experienced?
This was my first experience with Hendrix, and it blew me away. It was totally unbelievable what he was doing in the 1960s. It still blows me away today.

Jimi Hendrix Experience Are You Experienced

3. Jimi Hendrix Experience, Axis: Bold As Love
Again, it was an incredible album. I was so into this album that I actually did my English literature thesis on this album. I got an A!

Jimi Hendrix Axis Bold As Love

4. Free, Fire And Water
That voice! It is no wonder they call Paul Rodgers “The Voice,” as he is the most amazing rock singer on the planet.

Free Fire and Water

5. Sly And The Family Stone, A Whole New Thing
This music showed me that rock and roll could also have a groove to it. I love the music and I love the message.

Sly And The Family Stone A Whole New Thing

6. Cream, Fresh Cream
When I first heard this album, there was no way that I thought only three guys were in the band. How could three guys sound like that?

Cream Fresh Cream

7. Deep Purple, Machine Head
Do I really need to explain?

Deep Purple Machine Head

8. Motown, All artists, all albums
I am known for singing rock and soul. The rock comes from Deep Purple, Cream and Hendrix, and the soul comes from all of these albums.


9. Little Feat, The Last Record Album
To me, this is absolutely an underrated album. They combined so many styles of music that is blows my mind how good they are.

Little Feat The Last Record Album

10. Merle Haggard, I’m A Lonesome Fugitive
You may not have seen this one coming from me, but let’s face it: This album is simplicity at its best. It is honest and from the heart. Simply put, it’s three chords and the truth.

Merle Haggard Lonesome Fugitive