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Frey's best flip side

Glenn Frey had seven Top 40 singles during his solo endeavors. We picked his best solo flip side (B-side), "She Can’t Let Go," to celebrate his creative life and remember him by.

By Warren Kurtz

Glenn Frey had seven Top 40 singles during his solo endeavors. We picked his best solo flip side (B-side), "She Can’t Let Go," to celebrate his creative life and remember him by.


Flip side: "She Can’t Let Go"

A side: "I Found Somebody"

Top 100 debut: June 5, 1982

Peak position: 31

Asylum E-47466

From 1972 through 1981, the Eagles had 16 singles in the Top 40. The ’80s followed with several solo singles and albums from the group’s members. Glenn Frey’s seven Top 40 singles were often from soundtracks, featuring saxophone, and co-written with Jack Tempchin, who wrote the Eagles’ third Top 40 single “Peaceful Easy Feeling.” Glenn Frey’s string of hit singles began in 1982 with the soulful “I Found Somebody,” with his guitar style inspired by Muscle Shoals, Alabama session player Eddie Hinton. Melodically, it was a natural progression from “The Long Run” and was the first of three singles from his debut solo album “No Fun Aloud.” “She Can’t Let Go,” the flip side of “I Found Somebody,” was delivered in a cowboy western style featuring an acoustic Spanish guitar, recalling the backdrop of Marty Robbins’ “El Paso.” The song would have fit well on the “Desperado” album near “Tequila Sunrise.” The steady tempo captured the element which made “Lyin’ Eyes” a hit and and Glenn Frey’s soft vocal approach was on par with his “New Kid in Town” storytelling. 1985 became the biggest year for Glenn Frey with “The Heat is On” and “You Belong to the City,” both reaching the No. 2 position, and in between those two singles, a former flip side from the prior year, “Smuggler’s Blues” reached No. 12.


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