Get 'A Fistful of Alice' when Cooper-owned memorabilia hits the auction block

Even if you?ve never dined at the Alice Cooperstown Restaurant in Cleveland, you can get a taste of the experience, thanks to an upcoming auction.
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Even if you?ve never dined at the Alice Cooperstown Restaurant in Cleveland, you can get a taste of the experience, thanks to an upcoming auction.

A variety of photos, posters, record awards and other memorabilia that graced the walls of the restaurant before it closed are headed to the Backstage Auctions? sales block Sept. 23-30.

Roughly 100 pieces from the restaurant were consigned to Backstage after the restaurant?s owner learned Backstage Auctions was handling David Spero?s rock memorabilia sale, said Jacques van Gool, co-owner of Backstage Auctions.

?For an auctioneer, that is just a dream when something like that is hurled into your lap,? van Gool said. ?It was an absolute coincidence or dumb-luck factor. At the same time, it was terribly exciting and thrilling.?

The Alice Cooperstown lots include:

? A collection of gold and platinum record awards.

? An album display that holds six original Alice Cooper records signed by the rocker.

? The leather jacket that Cooper wore in the movie ?Wayne?s World? and on his subsequent tour.

? An impressive number of original concert posters.

? A rare movie poster from the Netherlands.

? A host of photos of Alice Cooper with a wide variety of celebrities.

A handful of other artists are featured in the collection, including Aerosmith (signed guitar), Ted Nugent (record award collage) and AC/DC (signed guitar).

The Cooperstown lots carry an estimated collective value of $30,000 to $60,000, van Gool said.

Opening bids for the Cooperstown pieces range from $50 for framed photos and select posters to the low four figures for the record awards and leather jacket, he said.

?That?s the fun part about this auction, is that there is definitely something for every budget and something for every level of collector,? van Gool said.

Memorabilia linked to Cooper is highly collectible, in large part because he has been in the business for almost four decades and because he has a large fan base that extends far beyond the U.S. into Europe and Japan.

?All these fans are always looking for something unique,? van Gool said. ?There never has been a large-scale Alice Cooper collection on the auction block. To overnight be in possession of about 100 Alice Cooper-owned items is not your everyday find,? van Gool said.

The collection offers a fabulous snapshot of Cooper?s career, and the items themselves are generally in nice shape.

?The items were very professionally framed and displayed, and typically, in a restaurant, you hang pieces where they don?t require a nightly rubdown from the ketchup spills; they?re typically hung to where most people can?t even really reach them. You can?t do much damage to them,? van Gool said.

A few pieces show wear and tear that?s customary for pieces that have been displayed.

?Don?t worry about the glass or the frame. It?s what?s behind it is what is valuable,? he said.

Besides quantity and quality, the Cooperstown lots stand out for several other reasons, van Gool said.

?In a way, you?re getting three things for the price of one,? van Gool said. ?You?re getting a piece that was originally owned by Alice Cooper. You?re getting a piece that in itself is valuable, whether it?s a record award or a poster; those pieces by themselves are collectible. The third dimension is that it?s a piece that came from the Alice Cooperstown restaurant. His restaurant was known all over the world, and people from all over the world, especially Alice Cooper fans, would definitely make a stop there.?

The full auction catalog will be posted and available for preview starting Sept. 16, van Go