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Goldmine's June issue on newsstands now: Blackmore's Night, Doo-wop bands

There's still time to pick up our June 2011 issue on the newsstand now.

Goldmine's June 2011 issue is on newsstands now. (Or, subscribe now and get Goldmine delivered right to your door!)

Cover Story: Ritchie Blackmore, From Deep Purple to Blackmore's Night. Ritchie Blackmore is still proud of his musical past but his hard rock days are over. Now, with lead singer Candice Night, Blackmore is firmly entrenched in a renaissance of enchanting medieval music. Pick up an issue and read about Blackmore's transformation. Quote from Ritchie Blackmore: "There's nothing wrong with nostalgia. I like to go and see certain old bands when they reform, or when they come out and tour. But at the same time, I'd hate to be in that band."


Other features include:
How Deep Purple really feels about their bootlegs. Bassist Roger Glover gives his opinion on bootlegs, and the answer may surprise you. And then Purple guitarist Steve Morse gives us 10 Albums That Changed His Life.

Doobie Brothers keep taking it to the streets. The Doobies are still out there touring and writing music ... and loving it. Exclusive interview with the band.

And then over 20 pages of Doo-wop! Frankie Valli, The Spaniels, 20 of the rarest 45s and an article on the holy grail of Doo-wop collectibles: a "Stormy Weather" acetate. And much more!

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