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Legacy vinyl picks for Black Friday

Legacy Recordings has a slew of limited edition vinyl exclusives for Record Store Day's Black Friday, and Goldmine picked some vinyl releases for its Want List.

Legacy Recordings has a slew of limited edition vinyl exclusives for Record Store Day's annual Black Friday event (from Falco to OutKast), but Goldmine picked three of these vinyl releases for its Want List. Here they are:

Johnny Cash
“The Man In Black: Live in Denmark 1971”
Sound clarity reigns supreme on this mastered 180 gram vinyl of “Johnny Cash - The Man In Black: Live in Denmark 1971.” The intimate audience is almost in the room with you, where you can pick up the slight noises of a tap on the mic or Cash shifting his guitar into position.


Cash standouts here are “Me and Bobby McGee,” “I Walk the Line” and the always poignant “Folsom Prison Blues.” The short-but-sweet “Guess Things Happen That Way” is a real pleasure, too. But it’s the Cash philosophy behind the simple strum of “Man In Black” that takes the prize live:

Ah, I'd love to wear a rainbow every day
And tell the world that everything's okay
But I'll try to carry off a little darkness on my back
Till things are brighter, I'm the Man In Black

Other songs of note are the hard-to-overlook “Darlin’ Companion” or “Help Me Make It Through the Night” duets with the lovely June. And you don’t need to be a spiritual person (Johnny himself finds it hard to pronounce the word 'evangelist') to embrace a real heartfelt song like “No Need to Worry” either. Side four, however, can be noted as the weakest of the grouping.

Worthy guest appearances also appear on this set: a wonderful guest appearance by Carl Perkins, who sounds wonderful paired with Johnny and the band, the Tennessee Three, performing “Blue Suede Shoes” (Elvis, eat your heart out!), and riling up the audience with “Matchbox.” There’s also a perfect performance of “Bed of Roses” and an interestingly playful “Flowers on the Wall” by The Statler Brothers — a group deserving more praise for their place in music history.

And if you’re a sucker for colored vinyl, The Man in Black gets a white vinyl treatment for Side One/Two and red vinyl for Side Three/Four.
Grade: A
Judas Priest
25th-Anniversary Limited Collector’s Edition
The pure design of this “Painkiller“ 10-inch deserves a Grade A: gotta love the blue saw-edged vinyl. IMHO, Judas Priest’s more current canon can’t hold a candle to the band’s ‘70s sonic supremacy, but lead cut “Painkiller“ is a fantastic metal thrasher for the times and “A Touch of Evil” and “Hell Patrol” are no modern metallic slouches either. This will be a gem for metal heads on Record Store Day's Black Friday. Definitely a keeper for collectors.
Grade A-


Jimi Hendrix
“Burning Desire”
The amount of Jimi Hendrix material being released nowadays is overwhelming, to say the least. But this “Burning Desire” release for Black Friday has several things going for it. Die-hard Hendrix fans will recall (and possibly already own) this compilation of instrumental studio jams and recorded demos (read: hidden gems) originally released on Dagger Records — but here it is out for the first time on vinyl (it kicks the sound up a notch). And for the collector, the first 5,000 copies are numbered. So if you see it on Black Friday, it’s worthwhile to snag it.
Grade: B+