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Market Watch: Bidders think Bowie is just 'Hunky Dory'

This near-mint pink label U.S. promo copy of “My Bonnie” is from 1962.

By Robin Platts

10. $1,999.99 Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers — “My Bonnie” b/w “The Saints”: This near-mint pink label U.S. promo copy of “My Bonnie” is from 1962.

This 45 was released to no particular success at the time, but grew in value because Sheridan’s backing group on this session, otherwise known as the Beatles, went on to pretty much redefine popular music.

9. $2,157.87 Kenny and the Kasuals — Impact LP: A near-mint copy of a rare LP by mid-’60s Texas garage band Kenny and the Kasuals. The group’s Web site describes them as the top teen band in North Texas from 1964-68, and the Impact album was recorded live at Dallas teen hangout The Studio Club.

Only 500 copies were pressed, and the original LP is now an in-demand rarity. For details (and a link to buy the band’s CDs) visit

Trivia: The group started in 1964 at Bryan Adams High School in Dallas. The high school opened in 1957, two years before the birth of the Canadian singer-songwriter of the same name.

8. $2,340 The Clash — “Complete Control” b/w “City Of The Dead”:
The Clash don’t appear too often among the top eBay vinyl bids, but this record is a genuine rarity, cited as the band’s rarest release: an excellent condition German first pressing of the “Complete Control” 45, complete with picture sleeve.

7. $2,350 Bent Wind — Sussex LP: A 1969 Canadian psych rarity from the Toronto group Sussex, in VG+/mint-minus condition, on the Trend label. This copy is only being sold because the seller recently acquired one in slightly better shape. This wasn’t a hit at the time, but it since has been in demand among psych lovers.

Guitarist Marty Roth reformed Bent Wind in 1989 for a second album, and a third followed. Sussex was reissued on CD; get a copy at

6. $2,717 The Inferno — “Girl, Girl” b/w “The Inferno”: Next up: a 1968 garage psych rarity on the Plastik Records label, a promo copy in VG+ condition. This one has been comped, with “The Inferno” showing up on the Psychedelic Illusions: Psychedelic Experience, Vol. 3 CD.

5. $2,999 Bob And Sheri — “The Surfer Moon” b/w “Humpty Dumpty”: This record was one of several extracurricular projects taken on by Brian Wilson during the Beach Boys’ glory days. This one is a near-mint-minus promo copy, on the Safari label.

Like Wilson’s other non-Beach Boy projects in the ’60s, this wasn’t a hit and is sought after by Wilson/Beach Boys collectors. AVG/VG+ stock copy showed up on eBay late last year and sold for $2,928.

4. $3,250 The Rolling Stones — Sticky Fingers promo LP: A VG++ mono promo copy of the Sticky Fingers LP, with a “d/j copy-monaural” sticker on it and featuring the album itself in mono, which was on the way out by that point. This has the legendary zipper cover, too, of course.

3. $3,350.99 The Cashmeres — “Don’t Let The Door Hit Your Back” b/w “Show Stopper”: Next up, a mint-minus northern soul rarity, on the Washington, D.C.,-based HEM Records label. This record features on the Soulful Kinda Music Web site’s “Rarest of the Rare” list. “Show Stopper” was featured on the CD compilation For Millionaires Only Vol. 2.

2. $3,500 — The Beatles – The Beatles (White Album) LP: This is a very-good-to-excellent condition mono copy of the Beatles’ 1968 double album. A very low number, too — #7 of the original numbered edition.

This has all the album’s original design elements — the wallet-style, top-loading sleeve; the black inner; the individual band members’ photos and the poster with the lyrics on the back.

1. $6,500 David Bowie — BOWPROMO LP: One of the rarest Bowie records ever made, this 1971 promo LP is one of 500 copies pressed by the singer’s manager, Tony Defries, to help get a new record deal for Bowie and for Dana Gillespie.

The album’s first side features seven Bowie cuts, most of which (“Oh! You Pretty Things,” “Queen Bitch,” “Quicksand”) later appeared on the Hunky Dory album. Others (“Eight Line Poem” and “Kooks”) are different versions. “It Ain’t Easy” (which ended up on Ziggy Stardust) and “Bombers — Andy Warhol intro” also are featured.

The other side of the album includes five Dana Gillespie tracks, featuring writing/production contributions from Bowie: “Mother Don’t Be Frightened,” “Andy Warhol,” “Never Knew,” “All Cut Up On You” and “Lavender Hill.” Another copy of this album recently sold on eBay for $7,100.

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