Premiere of Sci-Fi Romance new album

Goldmine exclusively premieres Los Angeles based alternative folk-rock group Sci-Fi Romance's 3rd studio album "Dust Among The Stars."
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Goldmine is exclusively premiering Los Angeles based alternative folk-rock group Sci-Fi Romance's 3rd studio album "Dust Among The Stars," which is released today, January 26.

Accomplished cult film critic/author/video producer/ film scorer Vance Kotrla, who plays guitar, cello, sings, and even drums, is the mastermind behind Sci-Fi Romance. PopMatters, for instance, described their music as a, "combination of folk music with barely-controlled rage that isn't seen very often anymore, and the band offers something unique in the ever-more crowded Americana genre."

But Vance Kotrla puts it best: "On this record, I wanted to try to capture quite a broad range of experiences and feelings -- something that was consistent with what the first two albums had done, but then built on it. The challenge was to do that in a way that still felt all of-a-piece with itself. You've got love songs and break-up songs, and songs about outer space, and lullabyes all under the one banner. But I think in the end we were able to do that. I think it's an album in the best sense of the word, not just a collection of songs that were more or less written at the same time.

"If a band's able to make it to a third album, as a fan I want to hear something new, but that comes from a place that's recognizable. From that same place that made me like the band in the first place. I definitely had that in mind as we made this record. I kept looking for ways to be really honest to who we are as musicians, but take enough chances to push the sound into corners it had never reached into before."

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