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Record Store Recon checks out Kiss The Sky Records in Batavia, Ill.

Armed with his want list and his wallet, Dr. Disc is shopping and telling. This edition of Record Store Recon: Kiss The Sky Records in Batavia, Ill.

By Dr. Disc, with guest reviewer Diamond Dave

Goldmine’s secret shopper — who will be known to you only as Dr. Disc — travels extensively and loves to visit record shops during those trips. An avid collector and music lover, the good Doc scopes out shops near and far and grades them on a scale of 1 to 10 in each of five different categories: Stock, Staff, Store, Selection and anything deserving of Special Mention.

Want to suggest a shop Dr. Disc should visit, or volunteer as a guest reviewer? E-mail with the shop's name and address, or contact him via Twitter @Doctordisc.

Kiss The Sky Records
Address: 180 W. First St., Batavia, IL 60510
Hours: 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday through Saturday; 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday
Phone: 630-406-0086

Kiss The Sky Records in Batavia Illinois

In addition to records, you'll find turntables, DVDs and T-shirts at Kiss The Sky Records in Batavia, Ill. Plus, the shop regularly hosts live performances.

STOCK: The shop has one of the best selections of vinyl in the state, according to Diamond Dave. As sales of CDs have gone down, the store’s stock has decreased, but makes up for it with the number of records in stock. The store offers special orders, a selection of record players, T-shirts, buckles, incense and other rock and roll lifestyle items. Kiss the Sky also buys collections and individual items.


STAFF: We’ve both been in this store several times. I have always found the two owners, Steve and Mike, to be helpful and also eager to talk about music; you can tell that they love music and records.


STORE: This site is new to Kiss The Sky, and it’s a great site, Diamond Dave says. The store is clean — even when it is packed — and has a stage for live music that is played every Sunday night.


SELECTION: Kiss The Sky Records carries every type of music you would think of, but Diamond Dave wishes he would see little more jazz, blues and psychedelic music in stock.


SPECIAL MENTION: The live shows make Kiss The Sky Records something special. Not only are there live shows every Sunday, but the events are streamed at and broadcast on the local cable station, BATV. The shop participates in both Black Friday and Record Store Day events, and strives to keep customers happy. “The employees don’t just keep the good stuff for themselves, like a lot of stores,” Diamond Dave says. The shop also offers a good selection of special release titles. And while Diamond Dave hopes that you will join him in visiting Kiss the Sky Records, he asks that you leave the psychedelic selection just for him. GM