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Record Store Recon visits Fantasyland Records in Atlanta

Armed with his want list and his wallet, Dr. Disc is shopping his way through independent record shops. This time, he visits Fantasyland Records in Atlanta.

By Dr. Disc

Goldmine’s secret shopper — known to you only as Dr. Disc — travels extensively and loves to visit record shops during those trips. An avid collector and music lover, the good Doc scopes out shops near and far and grades them on a scale of 1 to 10 in each of five different categories: Stock, Staff, Store, Selection and anything deserving of Special Mention.

Want to suggest a shop that Dr. Disc should visit? Send an e-mail to: or contact Dr. Disc via Twitter @Doctordisc. Be sure to include the shop’s name and address.

fantasyland records atlanta georgia

Atlanta's Fantasyland Records features CDs, vinyl records and plenty of other goodies for discerning music lovers.

Name: Fantasyland Records
Address: 360 Pharr Road, Suite B, Atlanta, GA 30305
Hours: Monday-Saturday; 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
Phone: 404-237-3193



Not only can you find what might be the largest collection of used records in the state, you also can also find what seems to be anything else that might be associated with music. Posters line the walls, and cases are full of old Rolling Stone issues and other books and magazines. The store sells new and used vinyl, CDs, cassettes and even some 8-tracks. They sell record players, crates and record cleaning supplies.



I have never seen more than two staffers in the store at any one time, but they are very helpful. They know their inventory and are very willing to assist customers in finding items. The store has been around since 1976, and they seem committed to staying around. They treat their customers well.



First impressions can be misleading. When you first walk in, you see what looks like crates of records everywhere. Once your head stops spinning, you can see that everything is well organized by era and artist, as well as new and used. There are two back rooms that store the concert handbills, posters, 45s and other memorabilia. Although it’s a little congested, it’s pretty clean. Additionally, there is always some eclectic music playing in the store.



This may be the best selection of used records that I have ever seen (at least, so far) in one single location. The prices are very fair. The new selection of vinyl is good, but not nearly as large as the used section. The CD and 45 sections are very vast. You will find music from all genres.



This store has almost everything that you need if it’s music related. Just make sure that you give yourself enough time to take it all in. The store also carries a selection of live concert CDs. The store does carry Record Store Day titles and participates in the event. This is a must-stop destination for all lovers of music. GM