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Review: The Kooks "Creatures of Habit" single

One of the many things to love about the Kooks is their willingness to explore all genres and bring it into the now, as proven in this new single.

Photo by Josh Halling/courtesy of The Kooks

By Patrick Prince

One of the many things to love about the London-based four piece The Kooks is their willingness to explore and embrace all genres and bring it into the here and now.

With the latest single "Creatures of Habit," The Kooks bring to the (turn)table one of the most infectious grooves they've produced. The guitars come in like a funky “London Calling” and soon the song becomes soaring and melodic in a natural sequence — a balance that could become a dizzying path but instead holds a smooth course."Creatures of Habit" comes off hip and persuasive, one foot in 2016 and one foot placed somewhere loosely in the 70s.

Frontman Luke Pritchard further explains, "We took some pretty huge synths and a very miniature piano and worked. It's a reflection of my times in L.A. and living a bit of the American Dream and the American nightmare. Being far away from home but also feeling at home."

It certainly makes the listener anticipate new songs off an upcoming album.