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Put your knowledge of Janis Ian to the test with our trivia quiz

You may know who Janis Ian counts among her inspirations (Edith Piaf and Odetta), but do you know how tall she is, or whether she turned down Woodstock?

Singer-songwriter Janis Ian has had some interesting career opportunities and achievements, not the least of which includes winning a Grammy at age 16. So, how well to you know Janis Ian? Test your knowledge with our trivia test.

You can click on the link at the bottom of this article to get the answers. Or, if you want to improve your odds before you take our quiz? Click here to read Goldmine's interview with Janis Ian, or visit her website at

Question 1. When Janis Ian chose at age 13 to change her surname from Fink to Ian, who was her namesake?

Janis Ian 1974 At Seventeen Peter Cunningham

Janis Ian works in the studio in 1974. Her album "Between the Lines," which featured the hit "At Seventeen," was released the next year. Photo by Peter Cunningham.

Question 2. How tall is Janis Ian?

Question 3. Janis Ian was the first person to sing for commercials for two well-known products. What are those companies and their products?

Question 4. Which 1967 movie featuring William Daniels, Norman Fell and uncredited appearances by Mike Farrell and Richard Dreyfuss was Ian asked to score, but then turned down upon the advice of her then-agent David Geffen?

Question 5. On which longtime TV series’ first broadcast was Janis Ian featured?

Question 6. What was the title of the first song Janis Ian wrote?

Question 7. Which 2004 movie features a character named Janis Ian?

Question 8. At what age did Janis Ian ask for piano lessons?

Question 9. True or false: Janis Ian turned down the opportunity to play at Woodstock.

Question 10. Finish this Janis Ian statement: “When I run with scissors, it’s usually with the intention of ________ ______ ___ ___________ _____.”