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The 10 Beatles songs that changed Bruce Spizer's life

Bruce Spizer was 8 years old when The Beatles invaded America. Although he became a tax attorney, his dream job is his other gig: author of Beatles books.

Bruce Spizer was 8 years old when The Beatles invaded America. Although he grew up and become a tax attorney — a ‘taxman,’ if you will — to pay the bills, his dream job is his other gig as author of a series of critically acclaimed Beatles books, including the brand-new “Beatles For Sale on Parlophone Records.”

Bruce Spizer

Bruce offered up this Top 10 list of his favorite Beatles tunes, but the lawyer in him accompanied it with this disclaimer: “The above list leaves out many of my other favorite ‘Top 10’ Beatles songs, but such is the quality of the group’s recordings.”


1. "Hey Jude." In my life, the song has been a call to have confidence to go out and get things done. And who can resist singing along to the song’s extended ending? The color video performance shown on “The Smothers Brothers Show” is forever burned into my brain.

2. "Across The Universe" (Anthology 2 Version). One of John’s best lyrics. I used part of it for my high school yearbook quote.

The Beatles Across the Universe

3. "In My Life." Once again, great lyrics. Beautiful melody, too.

The Beatles In My Life

4. "A Day In The Life." An incredible track whose ending sounds like the end of the world.

Beatles A Day In The Life
The Beatles I Want To Hold Your Hand

5. "I Want To Hold Your Hand." The one that first caught my attention back in January 1964. One listen on the school bus radio and I was hooked on The Beatles for life! Great camera work on “The Ed Sullivan Show” debut of the song.

The Beatles And I Love Her

6. "And I Love Her." A beautiful love song enhanced by George’s simple but effective solo on a nylon-string classical guitar. The performance of the song in “A Hard Day’s Night”is one of the most effective music videos ever shot.

The Beatles All You Need Is Love

7. "All You Need Is Love." The perfect anthem not only for the Summer of Love, but forever and always. I remember the “Our World” broadcast like it was yesterday.

8. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." My favorite George song.

The Beatles While My Guitar Gently Weeps
The Beatles Paperback Writer

9. "Paperback Writer." Great guitar riff and vocals. May have inspired me to become a writer!

10. "A Hard Day’s Night." I’ve had many a “hard day’s night” writing Beatles books, so I can relate. Love the way John and Paul trade off vocals. Gives me a burst of energy every time I hear the song. I could have selected the other film title track “Help!” or the U.K. single’s flip side “Things We Said Today” for No. 10.

The Beatles A Hard Day's Night