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Though ‘SMiLE’ was shelved, several of its songs got around

Multiple Beach Boys tracks popped up on subsequent releases (and even a few bootlegs) between 1967 and 1971. Here are some of the places you can find them.

By David M. Beard

After The Beach Boys' 'SMiLE' album was abandoned, multiple tracks popped up on subsequent releases (and even a few bootlegs) between 1967 and 1971. Here are some of the places you canfind the songs, including alternate takes.

“Smiley Smile”
Catalog: Brother 9001
Release: Originally released September 1967; first reissue October 1974 with Friends (Brother-Reprise 2MS 2167); second reissue February 1981 (Capitol SN 16158). First CD reissue August 1990 (Capitol CDP 7 93696 2); second CD reissue July 1994 (Capitol CDP7243 8 29635 2 3); third CD reissue March 2001 (Capitol 7243 5 31862 2 7)
Featured Songs: “Heroes And Villains” (B. Wilson/Parks); “Vega-Tables (B. Wilson/Parks) — alternate version; “Fall Breaks... And Back To Winter (Woody Woodpecker Symphony)” (Brian Wilson) – uses same bass line as “Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow;” “She’s Goin’ Bald” (B. Wilson/Love/Parks) — derived from He Gives Speeches; “Good Vibrations” (B. Wilson/Love); “Wind Chimes” (B. Wilson/Parks) — alternate version; “Wonderful” (B. Wilson/Parks) — alternate version.
CD reissue bonus tracks: “Heroes And Villains (alternate version); “Good Vibrations” (sessions); “Good Vibrations” (early version) (B. Wilson/Asher); “You’re Welcome” (B. Wilson) — original B-side to “Heroes and Villains” single

Beach Boys Smiley Smile

“Wild Honey”
Catalog: Capitol T2859
Release: Originally released December 1967
Featured Songs: “Mama Says” (B. Wilson/Love), excerpted from “Vega-Tables”

Beach Boys Wild Honey

Catalog: Capitol ST2895
Release: Originally released June 1968
Featured Songs: “Little Bird” (D. Wilson/S. Kalinich/B. Wilson) — uses horn charts from “Child Is The Father of The Man”

Beach Boys Friends

Catalog: Capitol SKAO 133
Release: Originally released February 1969
Featured Songs: “Do It Again” (includes
“I Wanna Be Around” sound effects at fade); “Our Prayer” (B. Wilson); “Cabin
Essence” (B. Wilson/Parks)

Beach Boys 20/20

Catalog: Brother-Reprise RS 6382
Release: Originally released August 1970
Featured Songs: “Cool, Cool Water”
(B. Wilson/Love), part of “Love to Say Dada” is used.

Beach Boys Sunflower

"Surf’s Up"
Catalog: Brother-Reprise RS 6453
Release: Originally released August 1971
Featured Songs: “Surf’s Up” (B. Wilson/Parks)

Beach Boys Surf's Up

"Good Vibrations — 30 Years Of The Beach Boys" compilation
Catalog: Capitol C2 7 81294 2
Release: Released in 1993
Featured Songs: “Good Vibrations;” “Our Prayer;” “Heroes And Villains” (cantina version); “Heroes And Villains” (sections); “Wonderful;” “Cabin Essence;” “Wind Chimes;” “Heroes And Villains” (intro); “Do You Like Worms;” “Vega-Tables;” “Love To Say Dada;” “Surf’s Up”

Beach Boys Good Vibrations 30 Years of Harmony

"Endless Harmony"
Catalog: Capitol 7243 4 96391 2 6
Release: Originally released August 1998
Revised and reissued February 2000
(Capitol 72435 24002 2 5)
Featured Songs: “Heroes And Villains” (demo) (B. Wilson/Parks)

Beach Boys Endless Harmony

"Hawthorne, CA"
Catalog: Capitol 7243 5 31583 2 3
Release: Originally released May 2001
Featured Songs: “Good Vibrations” (stereo track sections); “Heroes And Villains;” “Vega-Tables promo (instrumental sections); “Vega-Tables” (extended)

Beach Boys Hawthorne CA