Though ‘SMiLE’ was shelved, several of its songs got around

Multiple Beach Boys tracks popped up on subsequent releases (and even a few bootlegs) between 1967 and 1971. Here are some of the places you can find them.
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By David M. Beard

After The Beach Boys' 'SMiLE' album was abandoned, multiple tracks popped up on subsequent releases (and even a few bootlegs) between 1967 and 1971. Here are some of the places you canfind the songs, including alternate takes.

“Smiley Smile”
Catalog: Brother 9001
Release: Originally released September 1967; first reissue October 1974 with Friends (Brother-Reprise 2MS 2167); second reissue February 1981 (Capitol SN 16158). First CD reissue August 1990 (Capitol CDP 7 93696 2); second CD reissue July 1994 (Capitol CDP7243 8 29635 2 3); third CD reissue March 2001 (Capitol 7243 5 31862 2 7)
Featured Songs: “Heroes And Villains” (B. Wilson/Parks); “Vega-Tables (B. Wilson/Parks) — alternate version; “Fall Breaks... And Back To Winter (Woody Woodpecker Symphony)” (Brian Wilson) – uses same bass line as “Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow;” “She’s Goin’ Bald” (B. Wilson/Love/Parks) — derived from He Gives Speeches; “Good Vibrations” (B. Wilson/Love); “Wind Chimes” (B. Wilson/Parks) — alternate version; “Wonderful” (B. Wilson/Parks) — alternate version.
CD reissue bonus tracks: “Heroes And Villains (alternate version); “Good Vibrations” (sessions); “Good Vibrations” (early version) (B. Wilson/Asher); “You’re Welcome” (B. Wilson) — original B-side to “Heroes and Villains” single

Beach Boys Smiley Smile

“Wild Honey”
Catalog: Capitol T2859
Release: Originally released December 1967
Featured Songs: “Mama Says” (B. Wilson/Love), excerpted from “Vega-Tables”

Beach Boys Wild Honey

Catalog: Capitol ST2895
Release: Originally released June 1968
Featured Songs: “Little Bird” (D. Wilson/S. Kalinich/B. Wilson) — uses horn charts from “Child Is The Father of The Man”

Beach Boys Friends

Catalog: Capitol SKAO 133
Release: Originally released February 1969
Featured Songs: “Do It Again” (includes
“I Wanna Be Around” sound effects at fade); “Our Prayer” (B. Wilson); “Cabin
Essence” (B. Wilson/Parks)

Beach Boys 20/20

Catalog: Brother-Reprise RS 6382
Release: Originally released August 1970
Featured Songs: “Cool, Cool Water”
(B. Wilson/Love), part of “Love to Say Dada” is used.

Beach Boys Sunflower

"Surf’s Up"
Catalog: Brother-Reprise RS 6453
Release: Originally released August 1971
Featured Songs: “Surf’s Up” (B. Wilson/Parks)

Beach Boys Surf's Up

"Good Vibrations — 30 Years Of The Beach Boys" compilation
Catalog: Capitol C2 7 81294 2
Release: Released in 1993
Featured Songs: “Good Vibrations;” “Our Prayer;” “Heroes And Villains” (cantina version); “Heroes And Villains” (sections); “Wonderful;” “Cabin Essence;” “Wind Chimes;” “Heroes And Villains” (intro); “Do You Like Worms;” “Vega-Tables;” “Love To Say Dada;” “Surf’s Up”

Beach Boys Good Vibrations 30 Years of Harmony

"Endless Harmony"
Catalog: Capitol 7243 4 96391 2 6
Release: Originally released August 1998
Revised and reissued February 2000
(Capitol 72435 24002 2 5)
Featured Songs: “Heroes And Villains” (demo) (B. Wilson/Parks)

Beach Boys Endless Harmony

"Hawthorne, CA"
Catalog: Capitol 7243 5 31583 2 3
Release: Originally released May 2001
Featured Songs: “Good Vibrations” (stereo track sections); “Heroes And Villains;” “Vega-Tables promo (instrumental sections); “Vega-Tables” (extended)

Beach Boys Hawthorne CA