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10 albums that changed Candice Night's life

Candice Night shared the 10 albums that changed her life with Goldmine.

Candice Night, 2016. Photo by Michael Keel

Lyricist, multi-instrumentalist, composer. Singer of Blackmore’s Night, the traditional folk rock group. Wife of guitar virtuoso, Ritchie Blackmore. All of these things stand out on the musical resume of Candice Night. But the one talent that Candice is known for is her remarkable, ethereal voice.

Night now shines brightly with her latestsolo album, “Starlight Starbright,” which is inspired by motherhood. Night is the main songwriter for the album, but her daughter Autumn (who obviously inherited her parents’ creativity) wrote the song “Lullaby In The Night” (Dad Ritchie contributed guitar on the album).

Recently, Candice Night shared the 10 albums that changed her life with Goldmine.

Buckingham Nicks, Buckingham Nicks


This was the first album that Stevie Nicks recorded with her then boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham. I loved the way that their harmonies were like one voice. The songs were folk/rock powerful — “Frozen Love” and “Long Distance Winner” were great. But I also loved Lindsey’s guitar work on “Stephanie” and “Django.” His fingerpicking, haunting instrumental melodies really captured the moment.

Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Rainbow Rising


The best hard rock album to date, in my opinion. Ritchie’s brilliant composing based on classical influences, Arabic tones and scales, melded together with classic rock instrumentation implemented with orchestral work and Ronnie Dio’s brilliant visual lyrics and amazing power-rock voice can not be beat. Each member of this lineup was a master of what they did and this album shone brightly and continues to shine.

Sarah Brightman, Eden


Totally in love with Sarah Brightman’s versatility in being able to sing pop opera-style with a touch of Kate Bush mixed with her own inimitable style, her version of opera classics like “Nessun Dorma” mixed ethnic sounds, as in “Deliver Me,” while still being gentle enough to sing “Anytime, Anywhere” or “Only an Ocean Away” — Sarah’s voice is the sound of dreams. Her stage show was unparalleled.

New World Renaissance Band, Where Beauty Moves and Wit Delights


Stumbled across the great bard Owain Phyfe at the Arizona Renaissance Faire many years ago and was totally mesmerized by his voice and his true and pure connection with traditional songs. To hear Owain sing was truly to be transported back in time, and all who heard his voice instantly fell in love.

Fleetwood Mac, Tusk


It is impossible to sit still when you hear the tribal rhythms of the title track “Tusk,” but I also loved the intimacy of the Stevie Nicks songs “Storms” and “Beautiful Child.” Her “Sisters of The Moon” was all a rock ‘n’ roll gypsy should be — mystical, strong, dark, sexy, mysterious and magical all in one. I still find myself captivated by Stevie’s lyrics and her presence.

Michael Oldfield, Elements


“Moonlight Shadow” introduced me to Maggie Reilly and her beautiful pure tones. My favorite song off of this album is “To France,” though. Its melody and the way that Maggie Reilly sings it is just beautiful. “Five Miles Out” is another favorite.

Maggie Reilly, Midnight Sun


Again, Maggie Reilly’s beautiful pure voice is just amazing. Although the songs aren’t played in the U.S. where I live, when I was touring they were often played on the radio overseas. That was how I learned about this CD and some of her other brilliant CDs like “Echoes.” Listening to Maggie Reilly’s voice while being outside and feeling the wind through your hair and the sun on your face is just a beautiful place to be.

Rainbow, Stranger In Us All


Changed my life because they needed a lyricist and backing vocalist to complete some of the songs on this CD so I contributed the lyrics and vocals to “Wolf to the Moon,” “Black Masquerade,” “Hall of the Mountain King” and my favorite, “Ariel,” while they were in the studio. “Ariel” wound up being played for the German soccer matches and “Black Masquerade” went to the top of the charts in Japan. This CD earned me my first Gold album and was how I entered into the musical writing world.

Blackmore’s Night, Shadow of the Moon


This was my first moment of writing lyrics, singing lead, playing an instrument and truly collaborating with Ritchie. We first started playing just for the two of us as an escape from the stress of the rock ‘n’ roll world for him, but the Japanese record company decided to release our songs on CD and we began touring. It was a whole new world for me. And I continue on this dream path to date. Almost 20 years later.

Candice Night, Starlight Starbright


This is my most recent release and it changed my life because the story behind the songs was that it was originally created while I was pregnant with my first child, Autumn, and continued in the studio with it with my second child, Rory. It is a true labor of love as every song sung was created while immersed in the total love for my individual children. And that translates to what you hear on the CD. Pure, innocent, beautiful moments.