Web Exclusive! Collector Mike Greene shares his joy of music with "Flashback Favorites"

When you finally locate a rare collectible or hard-to-find pressing of a “lost” 45, CD, DVD or vinyl album, you feel a real sense of accomplishment, pride and, being a rabid music fan, the desire to share your newly found treasure with others. Mike Greene has taken that to the next level.
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You know the feeling: that emotional wave of anticipation and joy that envelops you when in hot pursuit of that rare collectible or hard-to-find pressing of a “lost” 45, CD, DVD or vinyl album.

And when you finally locate it, you feel a real sense of accomplishment, pride and, as a rabid music fan, the desire to share your newly found treasure with others.

Mike Greene is certainly one of those people. He has literally spent his entire life involved in the pursuit of that ideal and created a format to convey his love and affection for classic rock, pop and soul in a most unique way.

“I was online searching for a certain song and it came up with a link to YouTube, which at the time, I didn’t even know what YouTube was,” says Greene in reference to the now popular video-oriented website. “But I clicked on the link and it went to this video of this particular song and I thought that was interesting.”

“I started checking out other music videos on the website and kinda got hooked on it,” he continues. “I had seen some other guys on YouTube that were actually playing records but they weren’t really talking about them. They were basically just showing the record going around on a record player. Although it was nice hearing the song I wanted to hear some things about the group along with some pictures or video.”

The Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, native’s thoughts turned to taking this video

concept to the next level by adding a much needed professional presentation element along with the visual. And Greene was more than qualified; raised on all the great Cleveland/Akron radio stations of the ‘60s and ‘70s along with a healthy dose of the legendary CKLW-AM out of Windsor, Canada. He spent the better part of the ‘70s, ‘80s and early ‘90s working at various Ohio radio stations as well as owning his own record store.

Throughout the years, the 50-year-old music aficionado worked as on-air talent on college and commercial stations as well as music director for WDIF radio near Columbus, Ohio, in 1977. Greene always had a keen ear for picking hits, and he was instrumental in getting a national Gold record award for Dr. Hook’s “You’re in Love with a Beautiful Woman.”

When you’ve got the gift of selecting quality songs along with the drive to, both, entertain and educate the choice for Greene was clear.

“I came up with the idea to do a show where I played songs I liked,” says Greene. “There were a lot of these songs that never really got a chance to make it, or did, but today they just don’t get played anymore. A lot of the songs were not really one hit wonders. Some of them are, but a lot of them were just kind of unknown. I thought it would be kinda cool to share some of these songs I knew to be of quality that maybe people would remember, and others that never heard or remembered them would feel they were worth listening to.”

If you search www.youtube.com and click on MusicMike2, an eye-catching graphic bursts on the screen with the title “Music Mike’s Flashback Favorites” augmented by the epic sounds of classic CKLW bumper music. While the show’s intro prepares one for a nostalgic trip, if you will, Greene kicks it up a notch by providing insightful commentary, superb audio and a seemingly endless array of, primarily, alternate cuts and “lost” gems that will have hungry pop music fans of the mid-‘60s through the early ‘80s salivating.

“Flashback Favorites” started around late November 2006

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