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Web Exclusive! Go one on one with Kinski's Chris Martin!

Goldmine caught up with Kinski's guitarist Chris Martin to find out more about the band's new album, Down Below It's Chaos, and the tour with Tool. Get the scoop on Kinski!

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Imposing, fuzz-toned riffs from "Crybaby Blowout" greet you as Kinski rips open the sky on Down Below It's Chaos, the band's third LP for Sub Pop Records.

In no uncertain terms, the mostly instrumental quartet from Seattle has revealed its mission statement: make an unholy, metallic kind of space-rock that's equal parts Sonic Youth, Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath, and blow peoples' minds.

Having toured with the likes of Mission Of Burma, Comets On Fire, Oneida, Mono and Acid Mothers Temple, and now, Tool, Kinski aims its ship straight for the heart of mankind and all its complex emotions, deciphering them into a musical code that everybody, and nobody, can understand ? whatever that means.

The psychic interplay of guitarists Chris Martin and Matthew Reid-Schwartz, who also plays flute and keyboards, form the nexus from which Kinski bursts forth into a supernova of sound. They are backed by bassist Lucy Atkinson and drummer Barrett Wilke.

Martin talked to Goldmine recently about the band's latest release and its tour with Tool.

Goldmine: What is the most liberating thing about being a mostly instrumental band?

Chris Martin: Not singing. It?s great to see if you can make a song interesting, rocking and hopefully emotionally moving without lyrics. I never quite understand why so many bands do sing on every song, 'cause it seems like hardly anyone has anything to say. That said, it was interesting to sing on the three songs on the new album and to try and make that work with the rest of the pieces.

GM:With Down Below It's Chaos, it seems less ambient than past Kinski efforts and more riff-oriented. In effect, it makes it a great driving record. Does it seem made for the road to you, like Swervedriver stuff?

Chris Martin: