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Who's the most neglected band in the world?

Everybody's got their favorite musical acts, and everybody is sure that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has overlooked worthy nominees year afer year.

The Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame gets their fair share of slack for obvious omissions amongst their honorees. Deep Purple, Cheap Trick, Blue Oyster Cult, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden are all bands that should be honored.

However, no one has been slighted by the HOF as much as Canadian rockers Rush.


The band has sold more than 35 million records worldwide. They have amassed 24 Gold or Platinum awards, 14 of which are platinum. They trail only the Beatles and Rolling Stones for consecutive Gold and Platinum selling albums. Two of their releases are multi-platinum sellers. Moving Pictures has shifted over four million copies while 2112 has moved over three million units. They consistently sell out tours and have even sold gold and platinum on DVD releases of recent concerts. Rush has also featured the same three-piece trio for over 30 years. Are there any bands in the HOF that can boast the same longevity with the same members?

Individually, all three band members have won every award that can be bestowed upon them. Neal Peart is considered the best drummer in the world, Geddy Lee is considered the best bass player in the world and Alex Lifeson is in the Guitar Player Magazine Hall of Fame. In addition to all of the accolades the band is in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, has won nine Juno awards and been nominated for several Grammy's.

With all of these successes why then is Rush not already in the HOF? One quickly realizes that there are not many bands currently in the Hall that boast the same type of numbers that Rush does. In thinking this conundrum through I have been able to only come up with four reasons why Rush has been slighted.

A. The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Hates Canadians

Okay, so Neil Young was put in back in 1993 and he is Canadian. All this proves is that they love Neil Young. What about BTO, the Guess Who, April Wine and Triumph? If you look at the list then it becomes obvious that Rush is the best of the bunch and they are being left out in the cold.

B. Rush are Nerds

This one is hard to argue. They have nicknames like The Professor and Geddy. I have seen the band several times in concert and have never seen any bare breasts flashed at the boys. I would be willing to bet they have signed more slide rulers than they have boobs. Still, is that any reason to deny them their just rewards? Have they not, despite being nerds, sold millions of records and gained tons of respect from those inside and outside the music industry? Nerds or not, Rush needs in. Grand Master Flash was inducted last year. Does this mean Flavor Flav will join the HOF before Rush?

C. The HOF Hates Nerds.

Nope, Jaan Werner is involved. Nerdy does not come any larger than that. They don't hate nerds. Case closed.

D. Rush Won't Be a Big Ticket Act

Ah ha! I think we might have the truth. With the numbers the band has put up they would have to be the featured act like AC/DC, The Police and Aerosmith have been in recent years. If Rush is the featured act one has to wonder how big a deal the press would make of it. They have never been headline grabbers. There is never any Rush controversy in the tabloids. I would bet that the Paparazzi don't even know where the band members live. The only thing out of the ordinary that has happened to the band in over thirty years were the tragic deaths of Neal Peart's daughter and wife. Rush have, unfortunately for them, been a group of successful musicians who are friends and make music for music's sake. This is hardly the type of band to create the media hype necessary to sell tickets to an induction for several thousands dollars each.