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Yes fans can participate in Jon Anderson interview

The ex-Yes vocalist will do a live interactive interview with Goldmine on July 25 at 8pm EST. SIGN UP NOW. It's FREE and win a signed YES lithograph!

Participants will get the chance to ask questions to ex-Yes vocalist Jon Anderson. Anderson has ventured on his own again, releasing a solo album this year called "Survival & Other Stories," by Voiceprint Records.

The live interview with Jon Anderson is FREE on Monday, July 25 at 8:00 p.m. eastern.

To ask your questions, simply type in your questions in the specified text box. While Jon Anderson is interviewed by Goldmine editor Pat Prince, you can comment on anything you like: ask Jon to elaborate on an answer, or come up with your own questions.

The live interview will last approx. 60 minutes.

When you sign up:

• Each attendee will be entered into a sweepstakes.* One lucky winner will be picked at random to win Jon Anderson's new solo CD "Survival & Other Stories" and a YES lithograph signed by Jon Anderson!

Jon Anderson’s new album “Survival & Other Stories” can be found at (click here)

The unique Yes "Relayer" lithograph is hand signed by Jon Anderson. The lithograph is in near mint condition and measures 21 1/2 x 34 inches. Lithograph Provided by Backstage Auctions.


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For official sweepstakes rules, click here.