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MoFi to release Electric Light Orchestra album "Eldorado" in three audiophile formats

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MoFi), with Sony Legacy, will reissue Electric Light Orchestra’s 1974 album "Eldorado" in three audiophile formats: UltraDisc One-Step 180-gram 2-LP set, 180-gram single LP and Super Audio CD (SACD).

Los Angeles, CA – February 28, 2022 Classic rock fans will rediscover Electric Light Orchestra’s Eldorado in a whole new light as Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MoFi), a company delivering the foremost audio technology and specializing in high-quality reissues, in partnership with Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, is set to release the beloved concept album on its industry-leading UltraDisc One-Step 180-gram 2LP Box Set, 180-gram single LP, and Super Audio CD formats.

Originally released in 1974, Eldorado was the album that introduced the band to millions of U.S. fans, thanks to the Top 10 single “Can’t Get It Out of My Head.” Now, nearly 50 years later, “Can’t Get It Out of My Head” remains an enduring classic, ELO is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Eldorado is revered around the globe as a groundbreaking masterpiece, more deeply appreciated now than it was upon its initial release.

Super Audio CD ELO

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab will reissue the album in three audiophile formats:

  • UltraDisc One-Step 180-gram 2LP Box Set, cut at 45RPM for optimal sound quality, and pressed on SuperVinylTM. Mastered from the original analog master tapes, pressed on 180-gram SuperVinyl at the RTI pressing plant, housed in a keepsake box, and limited to 10,000 numbered copies, Mobile Fidelity’s UltraDisc One-Step set is the most detailed, powerful, pristine presentation of this music ever made available.
  • 180-gram single LP, cut at 33RPM and pressed on SuperVinylTM. Mastered from the original analog master tapes, pressed on 180-gram SuperVinyl at RTI, and housed in a tip-on jacket, Mobile Fidelity’s numbered, single-LP edition of Eldorado allows fans to enjoy previously unheard dynamics, tones, and colors.
  • Super Audio CD (SACD). Like the vinyl versions, the SACD is mastered from the original analog master tapes, and it teems with layer upon layer of sonic details, which can now be heard exactly as the musicians, producers, and engineers intended. The SACD benefits from superb separation and immersive atmospherics that are revealed by the remastering process.

The single LP version is slated for release in March 2022, followed by the SACD in April 2022. The UltraDisc One-Step will arrive in September 2022. The three configurations are available for preorder now at

ELO leader Jeff Lynne did more than figuratively reach for the sky on Eldorado. He created a landmark in rock history. A Technicolor escapade marked by lush melodies and an intoxicating blend of energetic rock and sweeping orchestral elements, the album weds remarkable imagery with unforgettable melodies.

In Lynne and company’s hands, reality and fantasy collide. The evidence is not just in the epic sonic production, but in the timeless, catchy nature of the songs, such as the gorgeous “Boy Blue,” the evergreen “Illusions in G Major,” and, of course, the aptly titled “Can’t Get It Out of My Head.” Eldorado is a shining example of why many fans and critics view ELO as one of the most innovative bands of all time.

“Our team is proud and honored to reissue ELO’s groundbreaking album Eldorado,” said John K. Wood, executive president of Mobile Fidelity. “We want to bring fans closer to the music by revealing all the intricate sonic details and subtle nuances in Jeff Lynne’s mix of this iconic album.”

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (commonly called MoFi by music lovers) has built a sterling reputation for creating the best-sounding vinyl and SACD reissues in the industry. This new collaboration between Mobile Fidelity and ELO — a band renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship in the studio — represents the ideal merger of transcendent art, superior technology, and unsurpassed manufacturing processes.