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Vocalist Joe Lynn Turner on new bald look: "I have nothing to prove, I can wear a wig—or not"

Turner recently revealed his lifelong struggles with hair loss and how he now embraces a bald look to coincide with the release of his upcoming solo album

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Joe Lynn Turner 2022, publicity photo

Joe Lynn Turner 2022, publicity photo

Hard rock vocalist Joe Lynn Turner has always had a powerful voice, and a beautiful voice, ranging from the control of intense rockers (i.e., Rainbow's "Death Alley Driver") to perfecting the best power ballads (i.e., Rainbow hit "Stone Cold").

The singer has worked with many musicians in pop music, too, even providing backing vocals on recordings, but ultimately he is most famous for his vocal work with Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow and a brief stint with Deep Purple.

Turner's looks were always along the lines of the typical heartthrob frontman whose voice can also kick ass with the best of them.

But many rock vocalists as they get older lose that rock star glow, and the voice often loses its power. 

But Turner's voice has had held up well, and so have his looks, even with a drastic change. He recently admitted to struggling with hair loss his entire life  — diagnosed with alopecia at an early age — and wearing wigs throughout his professional career. Recently, he decided to lose the wigs, and the bald look suits him just fine. Turner upholds a healthy attitude about it.

"I have nothing to prove, I can wear a wig—or not. I am free to do what I want," Turner  posted on Twitter. This was in response to an interview where he talked about his lifelong struggle with hair-loss.

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Turner reiterated this in a press release for his upcoming solo album. "In a way, it's a blessing and a curse. I have nothing to prove, and I can wear a wig — or not. I am free to do what I want. I'm a grown man, and I'm getting to be an older man.

"Many men in this business eventually come to the decision to continue to 'wear hair' or shave their head which is very fashionable today. Either way, it takes a lot of personal courage. Assholes in high school trying to kick me around made me stronger and gave me the necessary motivation and strength to rise above the rest. Anger and pain are a great tool. If applied correctly, it could develop you to become the best version of yourself. Instead of running away, I was 'hiding in plain sight.'"

Turner's right — a rock personality can shave his head and look very fashionable in today's world of popular music.

But in the end it's the music that counts, and the voice that drives that music. Turner's upcoming release Belly of the Beast (due Oct 28) proves that he still has what it takes as a vocalist, bald or not.

Listen to the title track of Joe Lynn Turner's new solo album, below.