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Vocalist Steve Perry admits feeling out of place at 'We Are The World’ recording

The former Journey frontman claims the gathering of top music celebrities for the 1985  "We Are The World' recording was "a little uncomfortable" and overwhelming.
Steve Perry during the recording of 1985's 'We Are the World'

Steve Perry during the recording of 1985's 'We Are the World'

The gathering for "We Are The World" in the recording studio in January of 1985 was a feel-good moment for everybody. Well, not completely.

Former Journey vocalist Steve Perry claims that having all of music's top celebs in one place was "a little uncomfortable" and overwhelming. 

“You got to remember that at that moment, I believe it was Bruce Springsteen 'Born in the USA' tour period of his life," Perry told Rock Classics Radio on Apple Music Hits. "And when he walked in, it was like God had walked in the room, and Michael Jackson was there and Ray Charles was there. I mean Tina Turner was there and then, Paul Simon and Bette Midler. 

"So what I ended up doing," Perry continued, "because I felt a little uncomfortable for a while in this room with all these people, I went to the other studio that was adjacent to it in another room and it was called the catering room. So there was all the lunch meats and the pineapples and so I'm eating lunch meat and I look over, there's Bette Midler and Paul Simon there. And so we're sitting there just the three of us and Bette Midler says, 'It's a little overwhelming isn't it?' I said, 'That's for sure.’"

Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie wrote the song "We Are The World," a charity single, by the group USA For Africa, for humanitarian aid in Africa and the United States. It was released for the album of the same name and became the first single to be certified multi-platinum.

The official video for "We Are The World" can be seen below.

Fast forward to current day and you can hear Steve Perry sing part of “When a Boy Falls In Love” by Sam Cooke on Rock Classics Radio, below.