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Watch Jeff Beck's stirring interpretation of Beach Boys' 'Caroline, No'

Beck gives a wonderful instrumental interpretation of The Beach Boys classic

Jeff Beck And Johnny Depp, currently on tour In Europe, release another song from their upcoming album, 18 — an instrumental cover of The Beach Boys “Caroline, No,” — to watch in a live music video, below. 

The video is a highlight to guitarist Jeff Beck, whose performance is a moody, ethereal tribute to the surf rock gods. "Caroline, No," of course, was the closing song on The Beach Boys masterful Pet Sounds album.

“That entire album was great support for me in horrible times. I’d left the Yardbirds and regretted it because I had nothing. I was back living with my mum and dad. I thought, right, I’m not going sit around doing nothing. So, I bought a stereo and Pet Sounds, and I was just riveted to the spot. I remember it was a great big cure from losing the Yardbirds, having Jimi Hendrix stomp all over things, and losing my girlfriend. All that happened in what seemed like the same day,” reflects Beck.