Beltane Fire's Australian hard rock potential

Australia's Beltane Fire are best when rocking hard — head on, no BS, straight for the jugular.
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Beltane Fire vocalist, Soda

Beltane Fire vocalist, Soda Lee. Publicity photo.

From Perth, Western Australia comes the hard rock of Beltane Fire (not to be confused the mid-80s rock band from the Netherlands) with a debut album entitled “Spellbound.”

The riffs and dual guitar harmonies are real solid for Beltane Fire - very competent lead guitar, too, and vocalist Soda Lee has the right presence to be a future metal ‘priestess’. The production of “Spellbound,” however, is iffy in places, which will remind many of the NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) days when bands with potential were hindered by studio limitations. This is evident in the song “Priestess,” where a fantastic opening riff could have used real studio production heft.

There are moody meanderings throughout “Spellbound,” too, that lead the band into musical pit stops. It seems obvious that Beltane Fire are best when rocking hard — head on, no BS, straight for the jugular. “Lady of Avalon” is Soda Lee’s best presentation — her voice is melodic and straight-forward, especially strong when backed by the Blackmore-esque melodic guitar sound of Danny Crash.

For more info go to Beltane Fire should be on the radar of astute hard rock fans … and hopefully the band will get to go on a world tour as they appear to be an even better live act (watch the videos on their Facebook site).

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