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Great Blogs of Fire: an introduction

Guaranteed to leave you all shook up & breathless

By Phill Marder

Ten years go, I grew so disgruntled with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, I fired off a letter to my favorite music publication, "Goldmine," pitching 25 artists I believed should be inducted. "Goldmine" published it as an article in the February 11, 2000 issue and, as to be expected, it drew quite a response.

I believe one or two of those responses actually were favorable, though this never has been verified.

In the ensuing years just seven of my original 25 - The Dave Clark Five, Brenda Lee, The Lovin' Spoonful, Gene Pitney, The Righteous Brothers, Bob Seger and The Ventures - have been inducted. (Since this posting, Donovan and Neil Diamond also have been inducted). Meanwhile, countless others have become eligible.

By the time I undertook a 10-year anniversary follow-up, I counted close to 70 artists and groups I felt were no-brainers as far as induction is concerned. Editor Pat Prince, shrewdly recognizing that no topic boils the blood like the Hall of Fame inductees and also recognizing the space required for this article would take up the magazine for about six months, wisely suggested a blog, which not only would allow me enough space to indulge my not so bashful opinions, but also would give readers a venue to vent - pro and con - on the aforementioned Hall.

We'll try to offer a suggestion each week, while also occasionally tossing in some other articles we hope "Goldmine" readers will find interesting.

Remember, this is a space for opinions, mine and yours. But as good as my opinions may be - and they're always correct - they, in no way, represent an official stance of the magazine, its publisher, its editors, the guys who staple it together, or anyone else for that matter, the possible exception being - in rare instances - my wife. I do promise you won't read "so and so should be inducted because they're awesome, dude." If I'm making a suggestion, I'll back it up with, hopefully, some logic. And I promise not to use the word "influence" as a qualification, as in "he should be inducted because he's been an influence on everyone who ever lived, including my dog." Everyone is influenced - good or bad - by everything they encounter.

If you do feel compelled to throw your two-cents in, and I hope you will, keep a few guidelines in mind. First and foremost, this is a family publication so keep it clean.

Also, try to stay on the subject. If this week's choice is Jack Scott, you can voice your views on his merits or non-merits, but don't tell me what a mule I am for suggesting him rather than Bobby Sherman. Bobby Sherman could be next week. Then again, don't count on it.

All in all, I hope you'll have fun with this blog. I'm sure I will - as long as I can get away with it...