Israeli band spoofs Dream Theater

Dream Theater’s three-part, one-hour-plus video documentary chronicling the band’s search for a new drummer reeked of self-indulgence. So Israeli proggers Solstice Coil decided to make a parody.
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by Michael Popke

Dream Theater’s three-part, one-hour-plus video documentary, “The Spirit Carries On,” (which can be seen on YouTube) chronicled the progressive-metal band’s search for a new drummer to replace the arguably irreplaceable Mike Portnoy. (Mike Mangini ultimately earned the job.) The dramatic video, while intriguing, also reeked of self-indulgence.

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So, as Shir Deutch, vocalist/guitarist for the Israeli prog band Solstice Coil, recently wrote on the band’s website, “we decided to make a parody, considering how we are actually in a similar spot: our drummer, Yatziv Caspi, left Israel a while ago, and consequently, the band. If we were to make a music video of the whole band playing, we would need someone to fill in for him. But who will we choose?”

It’s worth watching this 10-minute YouTube clip to find out who Solstice Coil chose — and how. This is a laugh-out loud, tongue-in-cheek parody in which the band:

• claims that, “In 2008, Solstice Coil sold under 10 million albums worldwide."

• puts prospective drummers through at least 85 phases of auditions, including a “jamming” test in which each one is asked to spread jam on bread really fast.

• promotes its new album, Natural Causes, by titling the parody documentary, “The Natural Causes Carries On."

Just a warning, though: The F-bomb is dropped near the 3:56 mark and again at 7:10, 8:00 and 8:40.

Heck, if I played drums and could afford the airfare, I wouldn’t have minded jetting to Tel-Aviv and auditioning. Hanging with the guys in Solstice Coil seems like it would be a lot more fun than sitting around with John Myung.

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