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John M. Borack's Top 40 Songs of 2017

Here's the best of Power Pop from last year, featuring 40 songs that would make one hell of a mixtape. (Remember those?)
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Overall, I felt that 2017 was one of the finest years for new music in many a moon. So fine, in fact, that I had a devil of a time narrowing down this list of my favorite songs of the year to a "top 40," as it were. But narrow it I did, so what follows is a list of my picks of the best of what I heard in 2017. Some of these tunes are instant earworms and others may take just a bit to grow on the listener, but all of 'em are jam-packed with melodic goodness and have that certain (often indefinable) something special.

Many of the tunes listed below are lifted from albums that will show up on my rundown of the 20 best long-players of 2017; similarly, some albums that will be included on that list are not represented by songs on this particular list. Because I'm strange like that.

At any rate, here's the best of the best from last year, featuring 40 songs that would make one hell of a mixtape. (Remember those?) Listed after each song and artist is the corresponding album (if applicable) and record label. Do some digging online and if you like what you hear, please support these talented artists' endeavors by purchasing their songs, albums, CDs, downloads, etc. Let's go!

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  1. “Kiss a Memory” – Lannie Flowers (CD single; SpyderPop)
  2. “Now It’s All This” – The Red Button (from Now It’s All This!; JEM)
  3. “Little Crumbles” – Corin Ashley (from Broken Biscuits; Murray Hill)
  4. “Tourist Attraction” – Sitcom Neighbor (from Shag; Gravity Works)
  5. “Happiness” – Derrick Anderson (from A World of My Own; Omnivore)
  6. “Distance Runner” – A View of Earth from the Moon” (from Closer to a Ghost; self-released)
  7. “Baby Blue Sky” – Nick Heyward (From Woodland Echoes; Universal/Sony)
  8. “A Hard Man to Love” – Cait Brennan (From Third; Omnivore)
  9. “Please Be Nice” – The Wellingtons (From End of the Summer; Off The Hip)
  10. “Euphoria Love” – Brenyama (from Euphoria Love; JEM)
  11. “Slow it Goes” – Eyelids (from Or; Jealous Butcher)
  12. “Always” – The Stanleys (from The Stanleys; Pop Detective/Off The Hip)
  13. “Sugar Anne” – The On and Ons (from Welcome Aboard; Citadel)
  14. “I Can Really Disappoint You” – The John Sally Ride (From A New Set of Downs; Kool Kat)
  15. “My Heart Belongs to One Boy” – Dana Countryman featuring Lisa Jenio (from Girlville!: New Songs In The Style of Yesterday’s Hits!; Teensville)
  16. “Claustrophobia” – Coke Belda (from 3 Gs: A Tribute to the Bee Gees; Kool Kat)
  17. “You Don’t Love Me Anymore” – Pop Co-Op (from Dana & Carl Present: This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio Vol. 4; Kool Kat)
  18. “Oh Tonight” – Gorilla* (from It’s All Pop EP; Hidden Volume)
  19. “And Such and Such” – The Forty Nineteens (From Good Fortune; Kool Kat)
  20. “Jumbotron” – Mo Troper (from Exposure & Response; Good Cheer)
  21. “Fall into Me” – Chris Church (from Limitations of Source Tape; SpyderPop)
  22. “Scottish Mud” – Ryan Hamilton and the Traitors (from The Devil’s in the Detail; Fanny Pack)
  23. “Lollipop Girl” – Gentle Brent (from Just Dandy; Jigsaw)
  24. “No More Chances” – Wesley Fuller (from Inner City Dream; 1965)
  25. “I’m On Your Side” – Circe Link and Christian Nesmith (from Dana & Carl Present: This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio Vol. 4; Kool Kat)
  26. “Come Down from Your Raincloud” – Plasticsoul (From Therapy; Big Stir)
  27. “Twelve Songs” – The Hangabouts (From Kits & Kats and Saxon Wives; Futureman)
  28. “Leroy Boy” – Bill DeMain (from Transatlantic Romantic; Tin Panda)
  29. “Work in Progress” – The Lunar Laugh (from Mama’s Boy; You Are the Cosmos)
  30. “Got Myself a Sweetheart” – Bread and Butter (from Bread and Butter; self-released)
  31. “Walking Along” – Ruby Free (from Shades; SodaStar Music)
  32. “Narita (Tokyo Girl)” – Kyle Vincent (from Miles and an Ocean; MotMot)
  33. “What Are You Like” – Pugwash (from Silverlake; Lojinx)
  34. “I Don’t Need You” – Richard Turgeon (from In Between the Spaces; Kool Kat)
  35. “Christmas Again” – The Pengwins (Digital download; SpyderPop)
  36. “On and On She Gets By” – The Nines (from Colour Radio: American Transistor; TAS Gold)
  37. “So What” – Richard X. Heyman (from Incognito; Turn-Up)
  38. “I Need Your Love Tonight” – Ray Paul (from Dana & Carl Present: This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio Vol. 4; Kool Kat)
  39. “26” – Diamond Hands (from Twelve String High, Vol. 2; You Are the Cosmos)
  40. “Stay with Me” – Huxley Rittman & the Rusty Hitmen (from International Pop Overthrow, Vol. 20; Pop Geek Heaven)